The Best Tours of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city where you have to walk a lot, look into the alleys, and climb and descend the narrow stairs to explore new places. You find yourself clutching the walls of old houses on narrow streets to let the tram pass. Here, I will tell you of the most practical and no fuss tours there are to offer in Lisbon. Read on!

Tram 28 in Lisbon, sourced from Pixabey

Sightseeing tours in Lisbon are conducted by several companies. There are various transport options – double-decker buses, trams, compact tuk-tuk machines, etc. Below we look at the available sightseeing tours of Lisbon and tell you about the routes and cost.

Lisbon’s Tram 28 – the most authentic tour

tram 28 Lisbon, sourced from Pixabey

Insanely popular is tram route number 28. This is an ordinary city route, which is considered a tourist destination due to the fact that along its route there is a large number of attractions. In the summer season, it is very difficult to have a ride on this tram because of the huge number of passengers.

The famous tram number 28 is considered to be a tourist tram and is described in each Lisbon guidebook. This old route is popular not only among tourists, but also among local residents, as it passes through the entire city center and the old districts of Lisbon.

tram 28 in Lisbon, sourced from Pixabey

What there is to see riding route number 28

During this ride on the 28th, you will plunge into the flavor of Portuguese life. These old trams were technically upgraded in 1995, and their original appearance was preserved as much as possible.

From the windows of the tram you can see such sights as St. George’s Castle, Santa Luzía Observation Deck, Lisbon Cathedral, Commerce Square and Augusta Street with the Triumphal Arch, the Portuguese Parliament, Chiado Square, Camoes Square, Martim Moniz and much more.

At peak times and in the high tourist season, long queues of people wishing to ride it are getting lined up. In this case, we recommend you to walk on the tram route in the Alfama area and take pictures of the beautiful tram from the side.

The costs for the tram ride

The official fare of trams is the same as in the rest of Lisbon transport – starting from 1.30 € on a pre-filled map. On the day when you decide to explore this route, we recommend buying a day ticket or using a Lisboa Card. This will allow you to go out at the attractions you like, and then continue on to the next tram, without having to pay for the fare each time.

Red buses (City Sightseeing) – Lisbon City Tours

bus in Lisbon, sourced from Pixabey

There are red and yellow double-decker buses with excursions in Lisbon. They are served by different companies. Departure points and routes are also different.

City sightseeing tours on the double-decker red buses lead Lisbon tours. There are two routes – blue and red (Blue route and Red route), both begin and end at Marques de Pombal Square and the duration of each route is 90 minutes.

The blue route goes to the northern part of Lisbon, in the Orient area (Park of Nations). Red goes to the western part, the region of Belen, where you find the famous Jeronimos Monastery, the Tower of Belem, and much more.

The audio guide on excursions from City Sightseeing speaks 11 languages including English.

The costs for the red buses

Cost: 20 € per adult and 10 € per child.

A single ticket for both routes (both included). There are other ticket options – more details on the seller’s website.

Please save the headphones, they are a confirmation of payment of the ticket if you want to ride again.
Start and end of the route: Marquês de Pombal.

Yellow buses (Yellow bus) – Lisbon Tours

Yellow bus in lisbon, sourced from Wikimedia

A city sightseeing tour on a yellow bus is provided by CarrisTour. There are three bus routes. Two of them start from Figueira Square (Praça Figueira) and another from Jeronimos Monastery in the region of Belem.

An audio guide in English is available on the yellow buses as well. Also, a ticket for sightseeing buses from CarrisTour gives you the right to free travel on the Airbus, trams, funiculars and the Santa Justa Elevator.

The first route is called Tagus Tour, its duration is 1 hour 40 minutes. It promenades through the central squares of Lisbon, past the Eduardo VII Park, into the Docas and then the historic district of Belem. Start and end of the route: Figueira Square (Praça Figueira). Cost: 14.40 €.

Tuk-tuk in Lisbon – the most versatile tour

tuk-tuk in Lisbon, sourced from Pixabay

Over the past few years, a lot of companies have appeared to offer sightseeing tours of Lisbon on compact tuk-tuk machines. Their advantage is their mobility. These cars can easily move through the narrow streets of the old districts of Lisbon, where the bus can not pass at all.

Tuk-tuks are small, for two people or even more, which can accommodate up to 6 people. There are companies that have purchased electric cars, but most of them work on a conventional engine and at the same time are quite noisy.

Tuk-tuk guides offer ready-made itineraries – the old city (Alfama and Graça districts), the region of Belem; guided tour of the famous tram 28; route along the coast to the surfers’ favorite beach (Carcavelos). Some excursions include wine sampling, check-in at the fado bar and more. You can create an individual, personalized route.

Tuk-tuk guides usually speak Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.

The costs start from 45 €. The beginning of the route: can be found at any of the central squares, in Edward VII Park, near the Cathedral and viewing platforms.

Enjoy your tour!

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