Here are 35 reasons not to visit Paris.

1.) Food is horrible

35 reasons not to visit Paris
Aargh, this looks really bad

2.) Girls can’t dress

Typical lack of style of Parisian girls

3.) Nothing to see

Regular Church, nothing special about it

4.) Absolutely nothing to see

Nope… nothing in that place either (Paris Sainte Chapelle)

5.) No place to rest

Nothing around the Tuileries garden

6.) Nothing to see I tell you

Galleries Lafayettes in Paris, boring

7.) No history

no-history Pantheon
The Paris Pantheon

8.) Who could eat a macaron?

No thanks, I’m good.

9.) No photo opps

photo opps
Do not bring an extra memory card, you won’t need it

10.) You’ll starve to death

Plus it smells bad, start running

11.) No good place to stay

35 reasons to visit Paris
it was a little bit “too much”

12.) Wine is bad

That’s not what we’re famous for anyway

13.) Nothing to see, as I was saying

nothing-to-see mona lisa
Who’s that? Stop smiling!

14.) No place to run and exercise

Plus, you might twist an ankle

15.) Nothing to do at night

My advice: bring some DVDs

16.) We suck at sports

Especially at soccer

17.) No charm to the place

Too much color sometime

18.) So crowded

no crowds
“It was packed with people”

19.) Transportation is a nightmare

Especially the metro line 6

20.) No free bikes

free bikes
It’s everywhere but in Paris! They have not invented it

21.) No free walking tours

Not with her anyway, she retired

22.) No one fun to meet

no one fun to meet
Please move out of the way, who do you think you are?

23.) No clubs

no clubs
I heard the last club in Paris closed in 1997…

24.) No bread and croissants


25.) Shops are ugly

Their brands are not famous anyway, real cheap

26.) Parisians are ugly

Marion, Guillaume Canet
Her especially

27.) Streets are ugly

And traffic is horrible as you can see

28.) Dogs are ugly

ugly dogs
This is not a cute French bouledogue with a bow tie

29.) Unhappy people

Paris fun
They use a lot of antidepressant… and bad wine

30.) Nothing to visit


31.) Not inspiring

No one can cook

32.) No nature

This has to be somewhere else other than Paris

33.) No romance

The City of what?

34.) No Eiffel tower


35.) And of course… no Discover Walks

We do not run fun tours of Paris, nope!

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