3 Favourite Places to Stay in Oberkampf


Known to the locals as the hipster paradise of Paris, Oberkampf is the perfect fusion of contemporary street life meets historic French legacy.

Oberkampf is the heartbeat of the 3rd arrondissement. It starts just past where Bastille kisses the Place de la République and ends shortly there after. I like to say it is possible to walk the whole of Oberkampf in roughly one hour — even less.

Over the years, Oberkampf earned the reputation of being the “Bobo” area in Paris. Bobo referring to the French terms bourgeois and bohème. Middle class, artistic in nature hipsters gather in this district and the amenities reflect this as well.

Le Général Hôtel – by Le Général Hôtel – Sourced from their website

All through the Oberkampf streets you’ll find chic bar after shabby restaurant, gallery after boutiques, and craft workshops after yoga studios.

This is also the home of the Marché des Enfants Rouges; the oldest market in Paris, still with open doors since 1615 .

Staying in Oberkampf gives you direct access to the best that the city center has to offer while keeping you semi-secluded in the bubble that the town creates for itself. If you are into nightlife and constantly having things to do, then Oberkampf is the place.

Here are the three favourite places to stay in Oberkampf.

Hôtel Fabric in Oberkampf 

31 Rue de la Folie Méricourt

Hotel Fabric is a tourist favourite in this part of town. It is four star bliss bundled up into a building that once served as the Oberkampf textile factory for may years.

Since being renovated into the hotel that it is today, Oberkampf locals enjoyed being able to hold the space true to its past by having the hotel named after fabric.

Hôtel Fabric – by Hôtel Fabric – Sourced from their website

The interior of the hotel and the rooms are modern and thoughtfully decorated. In boutique stye, each room and suite is different to the next. Guests enjoy access to a full buffet breakfast each morning and bar facilities in the evening.

For the rest of your meals you’ll have to venture out into the Oberkampf streets. The Hotel Fabric is central to many great cuisine options — juts around the block you’ll find one of my personal favourite Lebanese spots: Zaatar Libanais.

What’s great about this part of Paris is that things are notably less expensive; from food to cost of accommodation prices are lower than compared to the rest of the central districts.

The main strip of Oberkampf, Rue Oberkampf, is a two minute walk north of the Hotel Fabric.

Hôtel Fabric – by Hôtel Fabric – Sourced from their website

My Home In Paris in Oberkampf

5 Rue de Malte

Situated right by the Oberkampf metro station, My Home in Paris is one of the hidden gems when it comes to boutique hotels in the French capital.

It is arguably the most charming little hotel in the whole of the 3rd, 4th and 11th arrondissements combined. My Home in Paris leaves nothing untouched by delicate French flair; there are even fresh flowers in the communal spaces at all times.

My Home In Paris – by My Home In Paris – Sourced from their website

The hotel is situated in a side street just off of the main Rue Oberkampf strip. Within seconds you’ll go from quiet seclusion into chaos of the street life in this area.

Rue Oberkampf is the road you’ll walk by night to find all of the bars, restaurants and galleries to enjoy.

My Home in Paris doesn’t cater to breakfast daily. Taking a short walk roughly two blocks up you’ll come to Cafe Oberkampf; a great little spot to enjoy fresh breakfast each morning to start your day.

Being so close to the main strip you’ll see many of the free guided walking tours going by. Join in and uncover the rich history that this Bobo neighborhood holds — there is so much more than meets the eye!

My Home In Paris – by My Home In Paris – Sourced from their website

Le Général Hôtel in Oberkampf

5-7 Rue Rampon

Coffee lovers will be pleased to learn that every room in this next boutique hotel features a Nespresso machine for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Buffet breakfast is also served each morning either in the dining area or privately in one’s room.

Le Général Hôtel – by Le Général Hôtel – Sourced from their website

Situated toward the tail end of the Oberkampf area, Le General Hotel is just a short walk from the Place de la République; a beautiful public square of Paris that has been central to much of the political turmoil that the city has faced in recent years.

Guests staying at the General Hotel report that the staff and hospitality were the most impressive part of it all. They also report this to be the best located place to stay if you are intending to visit the Canal Saint Martin.

The rooms at the hotel are small but thoughtfully decorated to maximize the space as much as possible. It feels somewhat like you are staying in a very cool, chic caravan style setup where every piece of furniture has a double function or neat folding ability.

Le Général Hôtel – by Le Général Hôtel – Sourced from their website

The bigger suites ditch the glamping feel and make for a more spacious experience. Request a room with a balcony if you can.

In the summer, cross the road and through the Jules Ferry city park to get to The Art Café Paname. This is one of the trendiest places to be in Oberkampf with the best vibe.

Come and join the Bobos in a unique part of Paris that is too often overlooked by travelers. Three favourite places to stay in Oberkampf; which will it be?

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