3 Favourite Places to Stay in Montparnasse


Just under a century ago Paris saw a time known as les années folles, or the crazy years. For the better part of the 20s and 30s, art and artists alike spread through the streets of Paris.

By day, they sought inspiration for their works in districts such Le Marais and Montmartre. By night, the artists drowned themselves in liquor and conversation in Montparnasse, a district in the 14th of Paris where nightlife still reigns supreme.

Hemingway, Dali, Edith Piaf and Picasso were amongst the regulars of the establishments that littered this city. Today in Montparnasse you’ll find an equally as hip and artistic crowd. The district is renowned for its variety of options for bars, restaurants, cinemas and galleries. Free guided walking tours are popular on these streets.

Streets of Montparnasse – by Mbzt – Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately due to gentrification, Montparnasse is no longer where Parisian artists seek to live. Rent is high and cost of living is far more affordable in other parts of Paris. Nevertheless, many artists still flock to these streets by day to sell their art in the district.

Montparnasse is also home to some top Parisian attractions. The Montparnasse Tower sees thousands of visitors from around the world daily. It is the tallest building in Paris — simply observing the Parisian skyline will make this obvious. From the top floor you’ll have one of the most beautiful views of the city possible.

This attractive neighborhood brings in tourists in their droves. There are more interesting places to stay in Montparnasse than I can count — in the spirit of keeping things simple, here are three of the favourites.

Hotel Korner in Montparnasse

54 Rue Falguière

For anyone who values their shopping experience, it doesn’t get much better than the Galeries Lafayette centers located around Paris. These are multi-story department stores featuring the top names in fashion available.

Hotel Korner is situated just a short walk from the Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse. For a 2 star hotel I could not be more impressed with this space. The facilities are bright and aesthetically pleasant, the hotel is clean and the location is perfect.

Hotel Korner – by Hotel Korner – Sourced from their website

This is one of those hidden gem type hotels that probably deserve a few more stars than they have, but operate above average regardless. Hotel Korner wont burn a hole in your pocket; you’ll have more to blow over at Lafayette.

The hotel serves breakfast and cocktails on the rooftop terrace that overlooks the surrounding building tops — its awfully Parisian and very boho-chic.

The nearest metro is a two minute walk away. It will take you of of Montparnasse and directly to attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum in under ten minutes.

Hotel Korner – by Hotel Korner – Sourced from their website

Le Littré in Montparnasse

9 Rue Littré

Right where Montparnasse meets St Germain des Pres there is another gem of a hotel best suited for travelers who have a bit more to splurge on accommodation.

Hotel Le Littré is a more modern living space set in a 20th century Parisian building. The interior is light and fresh, understated furniture makes for a comfortable stay and the facilities are all well kept.

Le Littré – by Le Littré – Sourced from their website

The suites with balconies overlook a spectacular panoramic view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower not far away. Enjoying your breakfast here is like something out of a dream.

The hotel is within walking distance of the Jardin du Luxembourg just two blocks to the east. The Montparnasse Tower is the same distance away but rather to the south.

Enjoy a drink in the Le Littré hotel bar before heading out into greater Montparnasse for the evening. The city is always alive with things to eat, watch, hear or feel. Le Littré is in the heart of it all, giving you the best of both Montparnasse and St Germain des Pres.

Le Littré – by Le Littré – Sourced from their website

Airbnb in Montparnasse

Knowing which areas to seek out Airbnbs in Paris and which to avoid can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the city completely. There are some districts that you just don’t want to be stuck staying in during a Paris vacation — and others that are totally preferably.

Montparnasse happens to fall under one of the more desirable locations when it comes to Airbnb staying; amongst the others are Le Marais, Montmartre the Champs-Élysées and the Latin Quarter.

Montparnasse Airbnb – Sourced from Airbnb

The great thing about staying in Airbnbs is that they can be arrange on relatively short notice; even once you are already in Paris and need a last minute place to stay.

The district of Montparnasse is full of interesting, old apartment buildings that saw their heyday in the 18th century. Many of the interiors have been preserved and refurbished by owners so that today they make for distinctly vintage, French places to stay.

Home owners in Montparnasse have been hopping on this Airbnb trend and inviting strangers to rent out their spaces for periods of time. An Airbnb gives travelers a more freeing experience as they are not confined to the spaces and rules of typical hotel spaces.

Montparnasse Airbnb – Sourced from Airbnb

In this drastic, Airbnb are amongst the favourite places to stay. They are also a great way to meet locals and make friends.

To book your stay at one of these residencies simply download and sign up to the Airbnb app, set the search filter to Montparnasse along with your travel dates and then enjoy browsing through the thousands of options that come up.

Montparnasse is a youthful, vibrant town in Paris and a great place to base yourself if you value street energy but can’t be bothered with the crowds & chaos that the city centre brings with it.

Whether hotel or private residency is your preference you’ll find it in this area. We’re officially a year away from the centenary of les années folles — are we in for round two?

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