3 Best Health Food Cafés in Lisbon


3 Best Frutarias In Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Lisbon, like other cities in Portugal, is renowned for its culinary roots in cured meats and seafood. However, for many years Lisbon has been an example to follow for the rest of Portugal, opening its arms to the movement of healthy foods (fruits and vegetables). Nowadays, you can find several vegetarian or vegan food sites, as well as ideal places for fruitarians, people who only eat fruits.

But this market is still growing, especially in Lisbon, and it can often be difficult for some people to find a place on the street where they can eat fruit and have a good time. The majority of fruitarians who have this problem is because they come from other countries and do not get where to taste their delicious fruits.

This frutarian lifestyle may seem a little crazy, but the truth is that eating only fruits has been proven to bring many health benefits – alleviating chronic diseases and some pathologies that humans can suffer from.

In fact, there are people who have been forced to maintain a fruit diet in their lives. In addition, it is not so bad, or better said, there is nothing wrong with having a fruit-based diet after all these are other foods that nature gives us and that allows us to maintain a healthy life.

The Source of the Produce:Horticulture in Portugal

3 Best Frutarias In Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Horticulture is one of the most developed agricultural sectors in Portugal in the last 20 years. The investment and growth that horticulture has had in Portugal had a lot to do with its entry into the European Community, thanks to the constant and massive influx of fruit and horticultural products coming from other European countries, and the export possibilities that were presented for Portuguese companies.

Portugal is a country worth visiting and getting to know in all aspects. Above all from the climatological point of view. In spite of being a small country, it has a wide climatic diversity, which allows different types of crops to be developed.

Among the variety of crops that can be developed in these lands are avocados and citrus fruits that are very well grown in the Algarve; apples and cherries in the Beira Interior; lettuces and tomatoes in the greenhouses to the west of the country; even peppers and tomatoes for industries which exploit the crops in Ribatejo and Alentejo. 

The reason why Portugal is a fertile land for almost any type of crop is that the climate of this country has Mediterranean characteristics. The summers are dry and the winters rainy, which allows making a continental interior contrast with the pleasant coast and the Mediterranean south.

In the Algarve region, you can appreciate a climate very similar to the Andalusian coast which has optimal conditions for the production of some species out of season.

3 Best Frutarias In Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

However, a certain competition is created between these regions for the development of tourism, as Andalusia is one of the regions that has had less progress in horticultural exploitation. On the other hand, in Alentejo and the North, the climatic conditions are very good for fruit growing and for summer vegetables that require heat.

Portugal’s distinguished climate owes its originality to the Atlantic influence, which allows the summer to be a cool season, despite the hot weather, and the humid winter pleasant to the west coast. For the northern part of Lisbon, the climate is quite unique and allows the external market to become potential in many ways.

During the winter, the climate is pleasant, there are no large frosts, and during the summer it stays cool and humid, which allows the cultivation of fruits and vegetables to be constant. 

3 Best Frutarias In Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Between the cool summer of the neighboring countries to the north, and the mild winter of the regions to the south, allowing Portugal to maintain a kind of tropical climate that allows the cultivation of different fruits and vegetables.

During the winter, tomato exports are very good, starting in October, and brassicas are very good from January to April, for example.

In Alqueva there is a very good irrigation system, in the Alentejo, which allows the creation of more than one hundred hectares under irrigation, which are an assured investment for entrepreneurs seeking to establish in new production areas. The first investments in these lands are usually made by companies that are already well-positioned in the market and wish to expand nationally.

For 20 years, the owners and investors of these lands have known how to take advantage of the country’s excellent natural conditions for horticulture. Many of these have achieved success thanks to the association they have set up with efficient marketing systems, such as West Rocha Pear, Miño Kiwi, Ribatejo potato or Western vegetables. 


Most growers are responsible for selling their products to the national market, with large variations in the prices, in which they aim to make significant profits in periods of low supply. This business was given in a unique opportunity whose offer was already on the table. This meant that production was not properly organized, taking the concentration of supply with a view to sale in foreign markets.

Nowadays, there are many examples of producers, both national and foreign who are installed in Portugal, and these are well succeeded in the production of fruit and vegetables. After all, the fruit and vegetable business has many opportunities; climate, availability of labor, abundance, water quality, etc. This item has a great advantage over others, and with the help of technology is a market that can be exploited even more.

Fruit Consumption in Lisbon

Due to the high rate of health concern that has been maintained in Portugal, and in Europe as such, it has been detected that the increase in fresh fruit consumption has increased.

According to a study carried out by a European institution, it was determined that the Portuguese have spent 6.5% of their salary on food and fruit imports have increased by 20.1%. The current demand for fruit in Portugal is practically high throughout the year. 

In Portugal, there is a seasonality of avocado production that is concentrated in the months of January to July, being the months of greatest production in January and April. On the other hand, there is mango, which is preferred by Europeans when it is small and yellow. This can be consumed fresh directly, but can also be found in other presentations such as mango pulp, juice, biscuits, cereal bars and even dry or dehydrated, making it a perfect companion for chips or mixed with other fruits.

It is necessary to know that in Europe, 30% of the fruit pulp market is used to make yogurt, ice cream, and desserts. 

Best Places to Eat Fresh & Bio Fruit in Lisbon

Now that we know all the transcendence that the fruits have had in Lisbon and in all the country Portugal, it is time to know 3 of the best Frutarias that are in Lisbon, to which you can go and taste these delicious natural foods and enjoy a pleasant time alone, with your family or with your friends. 

La Frutaria 

La Frutaria is one of the most recognized and oldest fruit shops in Lisbon. This is not only a place frequented only by fruit growers, but it also offers a wide variety of fruit-based meals so that not only fruit lovers but also anyone who wants to eat something different can enjoy it. In addition, it has a menu of healthy meals that you can not find elsewhere in Lisbon, among its exclusive dishes are avocado toasts, quinoa bowls, hamburgers, pancakes, and so on.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

However, fruit lovers are really welcome here. They undoubtedly have the largest variety of fruits in the city and make combinations that only they know. Their açaí is delicious, and the ice creams they serve are very good too. This is the place to come and eat something natural, sweet and delicious.

Nicolau Lisbon 

At the western edge of Alfama lies this jewel of Lisbon, the Nicolau Lisboa. It is a café where healthy food is served, especially fruit, both for locals and for tourists who want to discover all the surroundings of the city. Many visitors and locals who have come once say that a single visit is not enough. 

Many fruitarians come here because they have the option of having their dishes served in bowls; they also serve very good smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and a variety of fruit dishes. You can even order a personal dish by asking the waiter for his specifications. 

It is recommended that you arrive early so you can enjoy a good breakfast or lunch, so you don’t have to wait in line to get in.

Lisbon Bowl 

Apparently, the only thing that the visitors of Bowl Lisboa demand is that they open a shop in the center of the city. But despite being in the extreme west of the city, far from the neighborhoods and even from Alfama, Bowl does not cease to be visited and frequented by its customers.

Bowl mentions its name because they specialize in serving their dishes in bowls. Among its menu, you can find dishes or bowls sweet or salty either to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Its schedule is one of the features that most attract their customers, as they can visit at any time of day and enjoy a good quantity and quality of fruit. You can make some variations with your dishes by ordering a little extra fruit in your granola so that the long trip to the far west is really worth it.

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