3 Best Happy Hours in Bastille


We all love a good bargain. Whether it’s two-for-one tacos, a sale on last seasons runway looks or simply a half priced cocktail — the cheaper the better.

There are few things Parisians enjoy more than a good happy hour. Safe to say there are few things travelers to Paris enjoy more than a good happy hour as well, especially those traveling on a budget.

Le Red House in Bastille – by Le Red House – Sourced from their website

Throughout the city there are bars each with their own corresponding happy hours and drink specials. Bar culture in the historic Bastille neighborhoods is notorious for being laid back and reasonably priced despite being part of the city center; it is bordered by Oberkampf, a youthful district where cheap drinking reigns supreme.

One any given evening around 6pm you can make your way into the Bastille and move by foot between the Rue de Lappe and the Rue de la Roquette. Along the way you’ll pass by a number of happy hours starting their run of the evening.

Here are three of the best…

Le Motel in Bastille

8 Passage Josset

Le Motel serves the district of Bastille every day except for Mondays.

It is known for attracting 30-something crowds as opposed to the locals and travelers in their 20s like most of the other bars in this neighborhood. They are also known as being one of the best places to go in Bastille if you’d like to enjoy a variety of beers both local and imported.

Happy hour at le Motel takes place every evening between 6pm and 9pm. A pint of beer will set you back €4 and cocktails a mere €6.

Le Motel – by Le Motel – Sourced from their website

Le Motel is just your average European indie bar; posters on the walls, fairy lights as decor, good conversation flowing throughout the space.

The must at le Motel is what keeps patrons coming back week after week. From classic rock to 80s hits you’ll find it hard not to dance along after that first pint.

Nearest metro station: Ledru-Rollin

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 6pm to 2am

Le Motel – by Le Motel – Sourced from their website

Au Lèche Vin in Bastille

13 Rue Daval

As your free guided walking tour takes you through the Place de la Bastille, if you were to head north two blocks you’d come to this next venue.

Au Lèche-Vin offers customers one of the longest happy hours all of Paris. You’ll enjoy their generous drink specials from 6pm until 10pm every evening — thats a long time for a place that is only open until 2am!

This bar is what you’d call “off the beaten track”. Unlike most Parisian bars that opt for a jazz lounge flair or speakeasy vibe, this one resembles more of a corner pub with decor you’d find at a weekend market.

The bar has gotten their hands on all the religious memorabilia they could find and used it to cover the main walls.

by mnm.all – Unsplash

You can enjoy a pint of beer here for around €3; cocktails are the usual €6 though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this bar for a good ol’ cocktail evening. This is where you come for beer and hard tac — sorry.

Au Lèche-Vin is cool and casual, but not necessarily the place when you’ll spend your entire evening. What I usually do is take advantage of the happy hour here and then make my way across the street to the Moonshiner.

The Moonshiner is one of Paris’ best secret bars. You won’t see it from the street, all you’ll see is a pizzeria. Go inside and make your way to the back where the freezer is; here you’ll find the hidden door that takes you into the Moonshiner prohibition bar.

Nearest metro station: Bréguet – Sabin

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 6pm to 2am

Le Red House in Bastille

1bis Rue de la Forge Royale

Le Red House brings a typical Texan saloon right into the heart of Paris. Despite being an American-south style bar, the space keeps an undeniable French flair which works well to create an element of class at all times.

Le Red House in Bastille – by Le Red House – Sourced from their website

They make fantastic cocktails! During happy hour these will set you back €8 while a pint will only cost you €5. If you dare you can get a pitcher of beer instead for just €12, or upsize your order to include a round of their house nachos and pay only €19.

If you’re looking to get festive, le Red House offers a special on their “zombie shots” too. For just €3 you yourself can soon look like a zombie.

Le Red House in Bastille – by Le Red House – Sourced from their website

The music at le Red House ranges between old school rock, electronic, house and even funk. It is bound enough for those wanting to dance to do so yet low enough for those keeping in conversation to do so as well.

It’s a great place to begin your night out in the Bastille. The happy hour takes place between 6pm and 8pm; after this you may want to move on with your night especially if you are trying to save cash.

You could also head a few blocks south and cross the Austerlitz bridge over the Seine which leads directly into Paris’ Botanical Gardens .

Nearest metro station: Ledru-Rollin

Opening hours: All week – 6pm to 2am

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