Post Malone performing in 2016- Author; The Come Up Show from Canada- Wikimedia Commons

20 Most Popular Songs by Post Malone


Post Malone is hands-down the best hip-hop artist you will ever come across. What I respect even more about him is how he started from the bottom and slowly rose to be the artist he is today. What’s even more, his songs are pretty relatable, especially for anyone dealing with depression and hardships here and there. He makes you feel that you are not alone and that someone somewhere actually understands what you are going through. I do hope that he is okay though because lately he is been appearing pretty drunk on the stage. Whatever demons he is battling, I’m rooting for him. I pray and hope that he wins. Anyway, let’s look at some of the most popular songs by Post Malone.

1. Rockstar- Release Year: 2017

I think for many of us, this is the song that made us know who Post Malone really is. He really killed this one. From the music arrangement to the production, Post Malone did well with this one. Released in 2018, this song did extremely well in a way that Malone himself didn’t expect it to. The good thing about this song, just like every other Malone song, is you can bop your head to its amazingly done beats and though it’s a bit vulgar in the choices of its wording, funny enough you can still enjoy the song and not get offended.

2. Circles- Release Year: 2019

I totally love this song with all of my heart. Could be because of the very sensational rhythm of the guitar strumming that just tags at your heart. I don’t know. All I know is that every time I just want to get in touch with my feelings, this is the song I go to. Even when going for an evening run, I must hum to the song and dance to it. With this song, I forget about all my problems and just enjoy this sweetly done song. Released in 2019, I promise you this song is it. Its powerful lyrics are just something else. I mean, it’s like the guy can see right through you and decides to be your number-one fan and just cheer you on. Hence, when you ever feel alone, invisible, unseen and unappreciated, this song will save you. I guarantee you that.

3. Goodbyes- Release Year: 2019

What I love about Malone is how he can manage to give a hip-hop song such life and a rock genre kind of vibe. That’s exactly what he did with this song and why we all love this particular single. It’s also uncanny how his lyrics always manage to be so relatable. Well, to me at least. After all, who love goodbyes? Absolutely no one, given how its finality is always too much to take in some time.

4. Sunflower- Release Year: 2018

You know your song has done quite well if it is featured in a movie. This movie was the theme song for the movie, Spiderman. And thanks to this, the song totally blew up. Its soft rhythm melody is quite beautiful and gives you an amazing feeling when listening to it. It’s no surprise though. I mean, this is Post Malone we are talking about and he never fails to deliver gems.

5. Psycho-Release Year: 2018

If you are an introvert, and always find it hard to trust easily, this song right here is for you. Released in 2018, this song swept the billboard charts and left no crumbs! The sweet melody and its powerful lyrics will not fail to impress you. This is the kind of song that one can listen to anywhere. Whether you are taking a walk, running errands, studying, chilling, or whatever! It has a very soft and sensational touch that gives you peace. That’s what I love about Psycho.

6. Congratulations- Release Year: 2016

I think song most people can relate to it. You know how people only want to associate with you when you’ve made it and you’re now balling like crazy? If you’ve ever experienced that, then this song should be your anthem. Always sing it at the top of your voice and shamelessly throw it into their face. It has pretty amazing lyrics which is why we will never tire of Post Malone. He puts different emotions into every song he releases and the beauty of it all is how relatable and encouraging they always are.

7. Wow- Release Year: 2019

This is another Post Malone song that doesn’t disappoint. Typically a trap hip-hop song, it is definitely the kind of song you want banging from your car radio as you are doing a road trip with a couple of friends. You will definitely end up tapping your feet and fingers while bobbing your head up and down to the rhythm of its very well-produced beats.

8. Better Now- Release Year: 2018

Released in 2018, this is another of my favourite Post Malone song. Forget even about its sick beats. This guy has got the talent, to be honest. ‘Better Now’ is a bit of a diss song but because its production was done 100% superbly, you honestly forget about that. With this song, all you wanna do is vibe to it and have absolute fun while dancing to it. But then again, what do we expect from such a legend right?

9. Hollywood’s Bleeding- Release Year: 2019

Don’t know why but the moment this song begins and that sad solo guitar tune sinks in, tears always well up in my eyes. It’s actually a very deep song. It’s the kind of song you will have to read between the lines to get the message. I love how he’s talking about the dark side of glamour but has managed to package it in such a way that you won’t want to remove your headphones once it starts banging through your phone.

10. I fall apart- Release Year: 2016

I know, I know, this guy is good at making us cry sadly whenever we listen to his songs. This song is no exception. It’s a sad rap song that will definitely make you catch feelings and ask an imaginary Malone, “Who hurt you, honey? I’m right here for you.” Released in 2016, this is one of the songs that made Malone really blow up in 2017 and the whole world got to know about him. Which is a good thing because we now get to bask in his amazing talent.

11. White Iverson- Release Year: 2015

Released in 2015, this is another Post Malone that doesn’t disappoint at all. As much as most of Malone’s songs are a bit sad, it is how he packages his message and makes you feel like you are not alone. Whether you’re just dealing with a bad day or depression. Anyway, this song is honestly such a vibe. It is slow and so rhythmic. It will most definitely make you catch feelings. The thing is, with any Malone song, be prepared. You will get into your feelings whether or not you like it.

12. I like You- Release Year: 2022

One of his newest hits, this song has more of a happy and sunshiny kind of vibe. It’s a bit different from his earlier hits but nonetheless a wonderful piece. This song is sweet and all lovey-dovey. So whenever you are fantasizing or even taking a road trip with that one person you really, really like, then this song is for you. It honestly has a happy-go-lucky vibe to it which will make your day for sure.

13. Cooped Up- Release Year: 2022

I 100% love the piano tunes and trap beats in this song. They are so sweet, melodious and even sad at the same time. The beauty of this however is how it gives you a sense of peace, serenity and nostalgia. I absolutely love it. It is without a shadow of a doubt a masterpiece. Being able to bring out such deep feelings and actually mash up a hip-hop genre with piano ballads is not so easy. Not every musician can pull it off. So this is absolutely amazing!

14. Love hate letter to alcohol- Release Year: 2022

Post Malone has had an alcohol problem for quite some time. He once opened up about depression and mental health issues and thus this doesn’t really come as a surprise. It was a bit heartbreaking to see the deadness in his eyes whenever he would do interviews and appear very high in his performances. It is therefore so great to see him talking about that struggle in this song. Being vulnerable is not easy at all. Believe me. That’s why this song is such a gem Anyone struggling with the same can relate to it. Gotta love Malone, right?! I feel like he is the most human famous figure I have ever come across. He doesn’t come off as a god who isn’t fazed by anything. He instead comes off as a typical human being dealing with everyday struggles and doing his best to stay afloat without drowning. And aren’t we all doing that as human beings? Just trying to survive without giving up?

15. Wasting Angels- Release Year: 2022

Oh wow! I’m out here screaming because I absolutely love this song. For lack of a word that would 100% describe it, I gotta say this is the most beautiful and nostalgic hip hop genre song I have come across. Quite honestly, just wear your headphones and put this song on full blast. For some reason, you will find your mind travelling miles and miles thinking about what could have been and what can be. It’s truly a magical feeling. Period! As always, Malone, together with Kid Laroi did an amazing job on this one

16. Insane- Release Year: 2022

This is a typical trap hip-hop song that will absolutely impress you! The production work is truly well done and especially with headphones, you can hear every magical tune in this song. I especially the vibe it gives. That of gangster and euphoria at the same time. I honestly have never known any other rapper talented enough to give all these feelings in a song that is gangster at the same time.

17. Wrapped around your finger- Release Year: 2022

This one has a similar vibe to “Better Now.” It is still such a magical song given how it is also a very beautiful love song. Released just in 2022, it is one song that won’t disappoint. Similarly, it is a lovey-dovey kind of song that you can dedicate to someone you really like, or better yet, listen to it together with them and just bask in its gloriousness.

18. Euthanasia- Release Year: 2022

From the point this song begins, you can’t help but fall in love with it. It is very euphoric, to be honest. It does something to your soul and makes your mind conjure up pictures that honestly give you hope for the future. Whenever I want to fall asleep while thinking about life in general and just have happy and hopeful thoughts, this is my to-go-to song. For some reason, its rhythmic arrangement and melody always have me in a chokehold.

19. Lemon Tree- Release Year: 2022

Have you ever heard of another rap artist mashing up the indie folk genre and hip hop? I bet not. Well, this song quite honestly killed it! The song gets you into your feeling then later when the beats start picking up, it makes you just dance to it. I honestly don’t know how he does it, but Malone for sure is a gem in the hip-hop world. I’m not a hip-hop kind of girl, but if this is the kind of hip-hop there is, then I’ll forever be a fan. Malone managed to recruit me into this fan base with this song.

20. Too Young- Release Year: 2016

What I love about Post Malone is how he is always speaking his truth in the masterpieces that he creates. I mean, nobody wants to die. Even more, nobody wants to die young and the explanation he gives in this song is truly touching.

Oh, man! You just have to love this guy’s work. I mean, there is no single hit of his that is boring. This song is truly mind-blowing. Its sadness, euphoria and nostalgia make it absolutely beautiful.

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