12 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Foie Gras in Paris


It’s that time of year again; the days are getting shorter, the weather’s getting colder and Parisians are cozying up and settling in for a long winter. Come November, the warmest jackets are plucked from wardrobes, apartments are sprinkled with holiday decor and the season of foie gras is in full swing.

But as with any delicacy, it’s all about knowing where to get it at its best. This article can be your Paris foie gras guidebook; here are 12 restaurants where you can eat foie gras in Paris.

1. Il était une Oie dans le Sud-Ouest

Courtesy of Il Etait une Oie dans le Sud-Ouest – a Bloc of their famous foie gras

Besides being a clever play on words, the name of this restaurant pretty much says it all. If we translate, it says “Once upon a goose (time) in the southwest”, so you know what’s in store for you at this little restaurant.

Their menu features plenty of French favorites, but foie gras is the star of the show. Since there are so many varieties of foie gras offered here, I recommend their tasting plate which gives you the chance to taste three different kinds!

il etait une oie dans le sud-ouest – 8 Rue Gustave Flaubert 75017
metro: courcelles
open daily 12PM//2:30PM and 7PM//10:30PM

2. Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Le Comptoir de la Gastronimie – Sourced from their website

Part restaurant and part gourmet grocer, le Comptoir de la Gastronomie is one spot where you can eat excellent foie gras in Paris. Nestled in the historic les Halles neighborhood, le Comptoir has specialized in foie gras and French delicacies like escargot for nearly one hundred years. Everything is made in-house by a team of experts.

Here, you can enjoy foie gras in all its forms (cru, mi-cuit, poêlé) as well as choose from specialized versions like truffle, or pistachio. Their full menu features plenty of goodies, and if you choose to dine in, you’ll enjoy the classic Belle-Epoque decor.

The grocery/delicatessen is located inside, and stocks an incredible selection of gastronomic goodies. So if you don’t have time to sit down for a meal, you can still find some tasty products to bring home and enjoy later on.

Le comptoir de la gastronomie – 34 rue montmartre 75001
metro: les halles
open monday – thursday 12PM//11PM
open friday – saturday 12PM//Midnight

3. Lafitte Foie Gras des Landes

Lafitte Foie Gras des Landes – Uploaded by them

This family owned and operated spot is located in one of Paris’ most charming areas: the Ile-Saint-Louis. Just steps from Notre-Dame, you’ll find one of the best spots in the city to get your hands on some foie gras.

The Lafitte story started back in 1920, when the namesake foie gras producer in Landes started selling his products to restaurants and shops in the Sud-Ouest. Eventually, the products became so highly-requested that he decided to expand to Paris, and opened up this charming boutique. Today, it is still family run and the salespeople are only too happy to make suggestions and tell you about their products.

There are just a few tables inside, so you can dine in and sample the goods on the spot. Or buy something to take home for later chosen from their extensive selection.  You can choose from all sorts of homemade foie gras, duck confit, and rich patés fit for a king (or queen!).

lafitte foie gras des landes – 8 rue jean de bellay
75004 metro: saint paul
open tuesday – saturday 10AM//2PM and 3PM//7PM

4. En Direct de Nos Producteurs

Courtesy of En Direct de Nos Producteurs – Uploaded by them

If you haven’t caught on by now, foie gras hails from the Southwest of France, but thanks to modern technology, it can be enjoyed by those all over the world. But I rest my case that Paris is still one of the best places to enjoy foie gras, and En Direct doesn’t disappoint in the least.

This little food co-op in the 15th arrondissement lives up to its name, which means ‘directly from our producers’.  They carefully choose each farmer or producer that they work with, and all are certified A.O.P. Here you’ll find everything foie gras, even the toasts and jam it’s traditionally served with. Not to mention all kinds of other dishes from the Southwest. Again, it’s a bit of an open concept co-op, so you can choose to dig in on the spot or take your goodies home for later.

en direct de nos producteurs – 248 rue de la convention 75015
metro: convention
open tuesday – saturday 10AM//8PM open sunday 10AM//1:30PM


5. Le Petit Canard

Courtesy of Le Petit Canard – Sourced from their website

Head on over to Paris’ Pigalle neighborhood in the middle of the 9th arrondissement for some of the best foie gras in the city. Le Petit Canard is a classic bistro where you’ll feel like a true Parisian. A local favorite since its inception, it’s easy to see why le Petit Canard is so well-loved.

All of their products come from the family farm, and tried and true recipes don’t disappoint. Here, you can dine on anything typically French, from escargot and French onion soup to duck à l’orange and of course, some generous servings of foie gras. Pair it with one of their many wines, and you’ve got yourself a meal made in foodie heaven.

Le Petit canard – 19 rue henri monnier 75009
metro: pigalle
open for lunch tuesday – friday 12PM//2PM
open daily for dinner 7PM/11PM


6. Domaine de Lintillac

Courtesy of Domaine de Lintillac – Sourced from their website

Just steps from the stunning Galerie Vivienne is one of Paris’ best kept foodie secrets – if you’re into foie gras, that is! Well, I’m assuming that’s why you’re here, and if you’re hankering for a delicious foie gras, this place should not be missed.

What’s exceptional about this place is that early every dish on the menu includes foie gras somehow. And some are quite inventive! At Domaine de Lintillac, you can try foie gras in nêms, pasta, and even in a salad. Talk about rich!

If you’re keen to learn more about this beautiful and historic part of Paris, come join our guided walking tour of the area.

domaine de lintillac – 10 rue saint-augustin 75002
metro: quatre-septembre
open daily 12PM//2:15PM and 7PM//10:15PM


7. Granterroirs

By Jez Timms on Unsplash


Next on my list of restaurants where you can eat foie gras in Paris is Granterroirs in the 8th arrondissement. Now this is a place where you can enjoy French cuisine, including foie gras in a relaxed atmosphere. There interior is simple and modern, though there are just a handful of tables, so reservations are recommended.

The vibe here is more restaurant than delicatessen, and their chef proposes a delightful menu filled with French classics. But don’t worry, just because you’re enjoying fine dining doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! Their menu is moderately priced (mains between 15-20 Euros) for what you get, and the quality of the dishes is really high.

If you don’t have time to sit down for a full meal, they also sell a range of gourmet foods from the Southwest of France.

granterroirs – 30 rue de miromesnil 75008
metro: miromesnil
open monday – wednesday 9AM//4PM
open thursday – saturday 9AM//10:30PM

8. Fauchon

Courtesy of Fauchon – Sourced from their website

Fauchon is a Parisian foodie institution and has been producing their luxury French sweets, teas, wines and savory foods since 1886. Equally well-known for their savory goods as for their sweets, Fauchon is certainly one of the best places to eat foie gras in Paris. Their shop/restaurant is located on the Place de la Madeleine, in Paris’ 8th arrondissement.

Filled to the brim with all the French goodies you can imagine, the hardest part is choosing what to get. Again, at Fauchon you can choose to enjoy your foie gras in their restaurant, or grab some to take home with you. Either way it’s a win-win.

fauchon – 30 place de la madeleine 75008
metro: madeleine
open monday – saturday 10AM//8:30PM

9. L’Atelier Joël Robuchon

Courtesy of l’Atelier Joël Robuchon – Sourced from their website

Now this guide to the best foie gras in Paris wouldn’t be complete without a Michelin starred restaurant. After all, foie gras is one of the most luxurious foods you can eat, and l’Atelier Joël Robuchon is one of the city’s best fine dining restaurants.

If your budget is on the larger side, I highly recommend a meal at l’Atelier. Everything on the two starred menu is divine, and their fois gras offerings are quite creative. The delicacy is available as part of the tasting menu, or on it’s own as an à la carte option. They have the traditional foie gras mi-cuit (soaked in Porto) as well as creative options like a foie gras burger. Whatever you decide on, it’s sure to be divine.

l’atelier joël robuchon – hotel du pont royal, 5 rue montalembert 75007
metro: rue du bac
open daily 11:30AM//3PM and 6/30PM//midnight

10. La Fontaine de Mars

Courtesy of La Fontaine de Mars – Sourced from their website

Located just a quick hop from the Eiffel Tower, la Fontaine de Mars is a historic French restaurant amidst a touristic neighborhood. A true local favorite, La Fontaine de Mars has been around since 1908, and hasn’t closed since. The elegant interior is decorated in turn of the century style, so you’ll feel like you’re taking a step back in time to the Belle  Époque.

While the focus of this article is on foie gras, you should know that La Fontaine de Mars also proposes all kinds of classic French fare in an upscale bistro setting. It’s definitely the kind of place worth a repeat visit! Here you’ll find the kinds of dishes your French grandmother would have made, and they’re all excellent. Everything is homemade, from the foie gras to the pâté and and the succulent confit de canard.

But what if you want something else? Perhaps you’re in the mood for seafood? In wintertime, they also have a fresh seafood bar complete with the catch of the day, and of course, oysters.

La fontaine de mars – 129 rue saint-dominique 75007
metro: ecole militaire
open daily 12PM//3PM and 7:30PM//11PM

11. Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is one of the most famous restaurants where you can eat foie gras in Paris. Located in the lively Les Halles neighborhood, this classic brasserie is open 24 hours a day, and has been since 1946! A Parisian institution in its own right, Au Pied de Cochon serves up all of the French classics, and then some.

There’s a little something for everyone here, and their foie gras is some of the best I’ve tasted. The restaurant is spacious, and they also have a huge heated terrace if you wint to dine outdoors. Whether you want to experience a traditional Parisian brasserie for dinner, or just want a great meal after a night out, Au Pied de Cochon is the place.

au pied de cochon – 6 rue cocquillière 75001
metro: Etienne marcel or les halles
open 24 hours a day

12. Arnaud Nicolas

Courtesy of Arnaud Nicolas – Sourced from their website

The last stop on my guide to foie gras restaurants in Paris is located in the 7th arrondissement, not far from the Eiffel Tower. Aunaud Nicolas is a restaurant and delicatessen; where everything is made daily in house. They specialize in charucterie of all kinds, and the chef has been named a meilleur ouvrier de France. Basically, this means his techniques and products have been avaluated and deemed one of the best in France – a prestigious honor in the land of fine dining.

Arnaud Nicolas proposes a set menu for lunch and dinner, or you can choose from a host of à la carte options. On offer, you’ll find several types of foie gras, from classic to more creative versions – all worth a try.

arnaud nicolas – 46 avenue de la bourdonnais 75007
metro: la tour-maubourg
open tuesday – saturday 12PM//1:45PM and 7PM//9:45PM

Well now you know all about 12 restaurants where you can eat foie gras in Paris! I hope this article has been helpful to you.

See you soon in Paris and bon appétit!

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