12 Reasons Why You Should Move to Paris


Leaving your city to move to another city is not always an easy situation. However, when we choose to settle in Paris, the city of Enlightenment, the city of love, we have dreams full of thoughts…

Here are 12 main reasons why you should move to Paris, the capital of France.

To Study

In fact, being a student in Paris is a great experience! All universities welcome French students, but also international students, it’s perfect for you if you want to meet people and to make friends who live on the other side of the world. Moreover, when you are a student in Paris, you have access to several libraries and some of them are really beautiful! Actually, I came to Paris for my translation studies at first, but finally I fell in love with the city and I decided to stay longer !

Sainte-Geneviève library, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Being a student in France can give you several advantages. Cinema tickets are cheaper, museum access is free for the most part. So living in Paris allows you to enjoy this status all the more because Paris is full of museums, cinemas and entertainment places full of students.

To Discover France

Indeed, living in the capital of France is the best place to discover the country! Monuments, churches and statues bear witness to the history of France and are symbols of historical events.

Many articles available in this blog explains historical events that took place in Paris, but had a consequence of the whole country. For instance, about Jean Jaurès, who was a French politician, about the Eiffel Tower or about many other things.

Paris is also a hub for many destinations. There are many airports and train stations that connect several important lines in France. For example, if you leave from Gare de Lyon by TGV, you can reach Lyon in only 2 hours! To go to Bordeaux, it’s the same time! If you have time, you can discover France in a few weekends by living in Paris.


Notre-Dame Cathedral, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

The City’s Cultural Richness

The architecture is also unique and is a proof of history. Especially since Paris is full of museums and art galleries!

Indeed, culture is a very important element in Paris, several places are created each year for young people to practice their art. For example, Le104 is an artistic and cultural institution where you can see exhibitions, open-air cinema screenings, but also young people who use the space to dance, sing or do wellbeing classes.

Culture in Paris is for everyone, not just for young people. La Nuit Blanche is an annual event that takes place in Paris for an entire night. Walks are organized throughout the city, linking the works of several artists. The works are plural, some are sonorous, others visual and have the particularity of being integrated into the urban setting of the city of Paris. I really appreciate this Nuit Blanche, it’s the event not to be missed!

Reasons to Move to ParisArchitecture found in the Louvre Museum, photo sourced from Unsplash

For Love

Paris is considered as the city of love, but this reputation does not come from nowhere. Indeed, Paris is full of romantic places, whether on the banks of the Seine, at the top of Montmartre, in the parks, everything seems romantic with the Eiffel Tower lighting up the city!

Reasons to Move to ParisMontmatre, photo sourced from Unsplash

Montmartre is the romantic place par excellence, its small streets abound with small shops and Parisian bistros. La Place aux Herbes belongs to the artists and you can have yourself drawn as a lover! You can also sit on the Sacré-coeur stairs to listen to a street show and enjoy the extensive view of Paris. If you want to enjoy a tour in Montmartre, you can read this great article about it.

If you want to meet the love of your life, there is no other city that is more romantic than Paris ! So, it has to happen here ! 

The Diversity of Neighbourhoods

What I prefer most about Paris is to be able to take the subway in one neighbourhood and get out of the subway in an entirely different one!

From the most popular districts to the bourgeois districts, Paris is full of a thousand and one cultures! If you are interested in Indian food, you know that the best shops and restaurants are located near Gare du Nord station, while if you prefer Vietnamese dishes, you can shop in the 13th arrondissement! This multiplicity of choices is unique and does not only apply to the culinary field! It is also easy to find clothes or decorative objects from another culture in Paris without flying!

To Follow the Trends

Parisian street fashion, photo sourced from Unsplash

To follow the trend, you have to be in Paris! Concerning clothes, Paris Fashion Week takes place every 6 months in Paris. Members of the haute couture community present their new collections and it is also an opportunity to see some original outfits around these fashion shows. Everyone can let themselves go to their own style ! Visit this article to know more absout French Fashion ! In Paris, it is also very easy to find vintage shops. The best known are the ones located in the Marais. They are named Kilo Shop and Tilt Vintage. 

In Paris, clothes are more than just trendy! The trend is also technological with self-service electric scooters, bicycles and scooters available throughout the city. Paris is at the forefront of technology and is becoming a trend-setter throughout France! Trend in Paris is in every domain, also in culture especially since the previews of shows and cinemas are held in Paris.

To Meet the Stars

Most French stars live in Paris and if you move to Paris, you have a much better chance of meeting them! There are also many places like restaurants known for the fact that stars are coming regularly, it is the case of the restaurant La Closerie des Lilas, located in the fifth arrondissement of Paris.

You can also simply meet your stars if you live in Paris because they always perform in Paris before going on tour all over France. You can see the greatest singers in concert in the Arena of Bercy or even in the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. There are also many small theatres in which you can see musicals, dance theatres, stand-ups… There is something for everyone!

To Go Luxury Shopping

For shopping, Paris is the ideal city! That is why the television program called “Les Reines du Shopping” takes place in Paris.

All the different neighbourhoods offer you several shops to shop in. You have the basics, i. e. the chains that you can find throughout France such as the shops: HM, Zara, Celio, Bershka… You also have designer boutiques and to have a choice, simply visit one of the many shopping centres in the capital such as Printemps, Galeries Lafayette or the BHV.

Photo of boutiques in Galeries Lafayette by Florian Plag, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

To Enjoy the View

Reasons to Move to ParisPhoto sourced from Unsplash

One of the favourite activities of Parisians and tourists alike is having a coffee or a drink on the terrace of a typical bistro. And in Paris, you certainly have a choice! The terraces are on the banks of the Seine or in the centre of the historic districts, you can find them everywhere!

For Evenings on Rooftops

Reasons to Move to ParisLe Perchoir Marais rooftop bar, sourced from their website

Another of the favorite activities of Parisians are rooftop evenings! Parisians like to get out of work and do an afterwork with their colleagues or friends in a nice rooftop. It’s a chance to have a drink, discuss your day and watch the sun go down. It’s a must on the first summer evenings!  

You have several addresses: BHV Marais where you can see the Eiffel Tower, Point Ephémère, the restaurant on the top of the Montparnasse Tower and many other places. Some are open only during summer, it is the case of Le Jardin Suspendu. 

For Ease of Transport

RATP’s network, in collaboration with SNCF, covers the entire Paris region and the surrounding suburbs. The network is divided into 5 zones and the whole of Paris is located in zone 1. It’s very nice to be able to take public transport and leave more than 10 km away. What I enjoy most in Paris is enjoying the weekend in the suburbs, for instance spending the day in Fontainebleau or visiting the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

I think that I’ve given you all the main reasons to move to Paris, for a small or a longer stay, but do not forgive that Paris will continue to surprise you every day !