12 Food Spots in Oberkampf


Adrien Olichon

Every Parisian knows there isn’t just one Paris. 

There’s the lavishly posh 8th arrondissement, with luxury shopping and apartment prices that could make you cry, the trendy 9th arrondissement filled with nightlife and grand streets, the quaint 3rd arrondissement of boutiques and charm—you name it. Paris has an arrondissement for every person and every occasion, it seems. 

So what about the 11th arrondissement of Paris? Or, more specifically, the Oberkampf area?

The 11th arrondissement in general doesn’t get much attention from tourists as it’s pretty sparse in terms of classic landmarks or museums, except of course for the Place de Bastille. However, missing the 11th arrondissement proves to be a big mistake once you understand how seriously cool it is. 

The Oberkampf area takes after the large Rue Oberkampf which was named after French-German industrialist Christophe-Phillippe Oberkampf. Known to locals as “Rue de la soife” aka Thirsty Street, you can be sure the Oberkampf area is poppin’ on the weekend as well as weekdays! 

Below are some of the best food spots in the Oberkampf:

Cafes & Restaurants 

Charbon Cafe

You know when you have a million restaurants you want to try but keep coming back to the same one? This is one of those places for me. Located at 109 Rue Oberkampf, this is one of those places that has it all. First of all, the restaurant itself is gorgeous and covered in mirrors to compliment the high ceilings and cozy atmosphere. The drinks (although a bit on the pricy side for the neighborhood) are stellar and the food is absolutely delicious. 

In fact, this place is so good it earned a spot on Timeout’s 100 Best Bars in Paris! 

Chez Justine

Across the street from our beloved Charbon Cafe, Chez Justine is just another place you don’t want to miss in the Oberkampf neighborhood. This quirky, cute place serves some seriously good wood fire pizza as well as barbecued meats (also on a wood fire!) 

African Kitchen

One of the best things about the Oberkampf area is the incredible diversity of cuisine and culture! African Kitchen at 92 Rue Saint Maur is a great restaurant that showcases a delicious variety of African specialities including roasted tilapia, banga, and other traditional Nigerian plates. 


I can’t even tell you how long it has taken me to find decent Mexican food in France. I was in disbelief when I first tried the tacos at Boca Mexa! Simple, delicious, and authentic, this is the place to come when you have a craving for beef and salsa. 

Located at 95 Rue Oberkampf, Bocamexa’s chefs are exclusively from Mexico, making it one of the best places in the city for casual Mexican cuisine. The best part is they also sell spices, salsas and sauces imported right from Mexico!


Le Marilyn

Le Marilyn is my husband and I’s go to spot for sitting outside and people watching! Situated at 122 of busy Rue Oberkampf, this place is ideal for some after work drinks and appetisers. Be sure to indulge in their best special: 2 pints of beer (or two glasses of wine) plus hummus or tapas for just 10 euros! 

You’ll recognize it by the quirky refurbished sewing stations that serve as terrace tables. 

Le Bar à Pintes

When I first wandered into this bar, I really had no idea what was waiting for me. Despite its discreet entrance, this bar is truly one of the largest I’ve ever seen in Paris. Equipped with huge TVs, darts, and foozeball tables, you are bound to have a fun night here. Nostalgic for your college days or craving a more casual hangout spot in posh Paris? This is the place to go. 

Chez Bouboule

Capturing the same spirit of Le Bar à Pintes, come to Chez Bouboule for a unique experience. Relatively new, this bar offers indoor pétanque—a super popular french game you’ll usually see the older crowd playing in the park on any given day. They serve a great selection of cocktails, wine, and tapas!

Le Bercail

To really gauge the vibe of this neighborhood, you must stop in at Le Bercail. A local hotspot, this bar captures the general spirit of its surroundings: casual, fun and cool. Le Bercail serves great cocktails as well as its own rum made in house with different fruits and spices.

The bartender, Kader, is also hilarious and very welcoming to any wayfarers that happen to end up at his bar. Head over to 144 Rue Oberkampf for a guaranteed good time! 

La Fine Mousse

Think Oberkampf is just beer and games? Think again. You may also fine some—classier—establishments in the area as well. After all, it is Paris. Located on a tranquil side street at 4 Bis Avenue Jean Aicard, this intimate bar is the perfect spot for a romantic date with your significant other. 

Here you will find an incredible selection of craft beers as well as an extensive wine menu. They also serve dinner, but be sure to show up early or make a reservation as this place fills up fast!


Another great feature of Oberkampf is the amazing boutiques and high-end food shops in the area. Below are some hidden gems to check out while you’re in the area:

Le Jardin Fromager 

The cheese garden? Say no more. Located at 53 Rue Oberkampf, this beautiful little cheese shop is something special. Here you can find all sorts of fresh and high-quality cheeses, whether they it be Camabert or Beaufort, there is something for everyone. 

Made by Moi

If you’re doing any holiday shopping here in Paris, this is the place to come. This amazing little boutique is filled with jewelry, artisan handbags, and lots of other trinkets and treasures made in France! 


This flower shop is one of the most beautiful I’ve found in Paris, and that’s saying a lot. A bit on the pricey side, this shop is always showcasing elegant arrangements that features both fresh and dried flowers. It’s one of my favorite places to wander around after a long day, and the florists happen to be absolutely lovely!

Whatever you’re looking for in the Oberkampf area, chances are you’ll find it. We hope you loved these food spots in Oberkampf!

One thing is for certain: you will eat well, and you will have a fun time doing it! Also, while you’re over there, why not do a walking tour of Le Marais?

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