10 Things to Eat Near Canal Saint Martin

Sitting on the banks of Canal Saint Martin is one of the most Parisian experience that you can find. Over the last year, it has become one of the trendiest places for Parisians to gather as soon as the sun points out.

And following this, dozens of incredible addresses and food spots have emerged and become iconic in the neighborhood. So much that the 10th arrondissement has become one of the best arrondissement to eat out in Paris!

It is one of my favorite places to go enjoy the sun and gather with friends in spring and summer. I have selected my top 10 restaurants near Canal Saint Martin. To discover my selection, read on!

1. Banh me tender

Banh Me Tender – Source: Banh me tender official facebook page

Lovers of Asian street food, this one is for you ! Banh me tender serves cult classics of Vietnamese street food, Bo Buns and Banh me (Vietnamese sandwiches with meat in fresh French baguette).

The food is delicious and the prices really correct (around 10€).

And if you are like me a lover of Asian cuisines, you can check my lists of the best Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese restaurants in Paris.

Banh me tender
38 rue du Faubourg du Temple
75 011 Paris

2. Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa pizza – Source: Maria Luisa Official facebook page

One of the best pizza addresses of the 10th arrondissement, Maria Luisa is well known in the neighborhood. I usually take their pizza take away to enjoy on the canal, but the restaurant is very welcoming and in spring, the terrace is an amazing place to enjoy a good evening out.

Maria Luisa
2 rue Marie et Louise
75 010 Paris

3. Siseng

Siseng famous bao burger – Source: Official Siseng facebook page

Siseng has been a sensation the past years, and most lovers of the 10th arrondissement have already been there to try out their famous and mouth-watering bao burgers.

They serve delicious fusion Asian cuisine but the restaurant is often very crowded – I would advise you to go there outside peak hours if you want to eat quietly.

Otherwise, it is to my mind a must-try in the Canal Saint Martin area.

82 quai de Jemmapes
75 010 Paris

4. Bob’s Juice Bar

Bob’s bowl at Bob’s Juice bar – Source: Bob’s juice bar official facebook page

Bob’s Juice Bar is a healthy Brooklyn-style canteen at the heart of the 10th arrondissement. Home to the hipsters of the area, they serve delicious juices and reasonably priced healthy and hearty meals (my favorite is the Bob’s Bowl, on the picture above).

Bob’s Juice Bar
15 rue Lucien Sampaix
75 010 Paris

5. Du Pain et des idées

Bread at Du Pain et des Idées – Source: du Pain et des Idées official website

Did you know that the Canal Saint Martin area is home to one of the best bread in Paris ? Du Pain et des Idées (in English Bread and Ideas) is a traditionnal French bakery that serves sourdough bread (you can ask for a thick crust, it is to die for).

I would also heavily recommend you try their viennoiseries (croissants and escargots). What I usually do is bring a coffee thermos with me and buy one of their pastries on the go to eat sitting on the banks of the Canal.

Du Pain et des idées
34 rue Yves Toudic
75 010 Paris

6. El Guacamole

El Guacamole restaurant – Source: el Guacamole official facebook page

El Guacamole’s terrace is a well-known spot for lovers of Mexican cuisine near the Canal Saint Martin. I recommend you try their tacos (some of the best I have had in the 10th arrondissement).

El Guacamole
37 rue Yves Toudic
75 010 Paris

7. La Madonnina

Apart from Maria Luisa, La Madonnina is the other well-known Italian restaurant of the rue Marie et Louise. While I would recommend you go to Maria Luisa if you are craving a pizza, I think La Madonnina’s dishes are incredibly fresh.

Bonus point for their rich and decadent tiramisu.

La Madonnina
10 rue Marie et Louise
75 010 Paris

8. Le Comptoir Général

Le Comptoir Général bar – Source: Le comptoir général official instagram

Le Comptoir Général is one of the most iconic places of the Canal Saint Martin neighborhood, and definitely one of my favorite bars of the area!

In an old warehouse, its very particular atmosphere has made it one of the hype place to eat, have a brunch or a drink, and most of all dance in the Canal Saint Martin neighborhood.

Their restaurant serves cuisines from all over the world, very reasonably priced. If you love Togo beers, they even serve bottled Flag beers.

I do not recommend you go there after 8pm during weekends – or else prepare to queue for a long time. It is best to visit during weekdays, except if you are willing to wait in front of the bar to get your seats.

Le Comptoir Général
80 Quai de Jemmapes
75 010 Paris

10. Le Point Ephémère

Le Point Ephémère – Source: Le Point Ephémère official website

Another iconic spot of the neighborhood and another personal favorite. Le Point Ephémère is a hybrid space mixing exhibition space, dj sets, bar with terrace and restaurant.

The cuisine they serve is fusion afro-Caribbean, and it is the place to be if you want to listen to emerging French groups or dance the night away during one of their dj sets.

Le Point Ephémère
200 Quai de Valmy
75 010 Paris

I hope this article made you want to explore the different addresses nestled in the Canal Saint Martin area, some of them are amongst my favorite in all Paris.

What I like most about these addresses is that most of them serve excellent food that you can take out to eat on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin.

If you are willing to explore the neighborhoods of Paris more in depth and with the eye of a true Parisian, some locals are giving free tours to make you discover their hidden gems. Are you willing to experience the city like a true Parisian? Click here to read more about the tours!

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