10 things to eat in Oberkampf

The Oberkampf / République neighborhood is well known in Paris for being an iconic spot of the French capital’s nightlife. The area is known to come to full life at nighttime; but do not be fooled: it also full of excellent food addresses to explore during daytime. Wondering what are the best restaurants in Oberkampf and République? Keep reading!

Also, before we dive into the subject: if you are interested in exploring Paris’ neighborhoods and experiencing them like a true Parisian, know that some locals are giving free tours to make you discover the hidden gems of their neighborhoods; click here to read more.

And without further ado, here they are, the top 10 restaurants in Oberkampf and République!

1. Brunch soya cantine bio

Soya Cantine Bio – Source: Soya Cantine Bio official website

I have already talked in other blogposts about Soya Cantine Bio. This vegetarian and vegan canteen seduced the hearts of many Parisians, vegetarian or not! All their products are fresh, the recipes are nourishing; I highly recommend their toasts!

Also, bonus point, all of their food is 100% organic. A great place for a sunny brunch out or a morning hangover cure!

Brunch Soya Bio
20 rue de la Pierre Levée
75 011 Paris

2. Pierre Sang in Oberkampf

Pierre sang oberkampf – source: Pierre Sang official instagram page

Pierre Sang is a Franco-Corean chef who became famous in French after participating in the TV show Top Chef a few years ago. He opened a gastronomic restaurant in Oberkampf and success immediately followed.

It definitely is quite more expensive that the other restaurants listed here; but I wholeheartedly recommend it if you are willing to indulge and discover the bustling scene of Paris’ emerging gastronomic chefs.

Pierre Sang in Oberkampf
55 rue d’Oberkampf
75 011 Paris

3. Chez Justine

Chez justine – source: official instagram page chez justine

I will be quite frank with you: Chez Justine is my favorite address of this list and of the République/ Oberkampf whole area alltogether.

The team has curated the menu with extreme care, drawing influences from italian and levantine cuisines. They work with meats and seafood that are 100% French; and they cook everything on a fire stone . The result is outstanding food burstling with flavors.

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough; also if you are an italian pizza lover, Chez Justine makes to my mind one of the best pizza of Paris.

Be careful though, the restaurant is victim of its success and if you want to eat as a group, you have to reserve two days in advance.

Chez Justine
96 rue Oberkampf
95 011 Paris

4. PnY

PNY burgers – source: PNY instagram page official

PnY is one of my favorite burger joints in Paris, and definitely one of the most famous. Check my top 3 burger joints in Paris here. They have been called several time the best burger of Paris.

Their meat patty is definitely one of the juiciest in town; the buns are homemade and excellent, and the recipes are a mixture of rustic and original to please everyone. They have opened several addresses in Paris, and they quickly became an iconic spot in the street.

If you go on weekends or at peak hours, expect some waiting time, but trust me, absolutely worth it.

PnY Paris New York
96 rue Oberkampf
75 011 Paris

5. L’Ilot

L’Ilot is an outstanding place to eat at if you are like me a seafood lover. Do not be intimidated by their impressive menu — simply ask the staff for recommendations, they are very friendly and will be happy to help.

The philosophy at l’Ilot is simple: fresh seafood prepared according to the chef’s mood of the day; accompanied by a selection of very fine wines. It is to my mind a great place to have a nive dinner out as a group.

Think of it like this: the more people there are in your group, the more items on the menu you get to taste!

L’Ilot Paris
4 rue de la Corderie
75 003 Paris

6. Al Taglio Pizza

taglio pizza – source: trip advisor

Al Taglio is somewhat of an institution in Oberkampf for pizza lovers. Their concept is refreshing : selling pizza by the slice witout any sacrifice made whatsoever on the quality of the ingredients and the originality of recipes.

It is the place to go if you love pizza and are looking for a quick, cheap and inredibly tasty meal near Oberkampf.

Al Taglio Pizza
2 bis rue Neuve Popincourt
75 011 Paris

7. Astier

Chez Astier – source: trip advisor

Astier is a famous restaurant in France and as such, runs more expensive than the other restaurants listed here. The chef serves typical French bistronomic food with original and modern twists.

It is a great place if you want to treat yourself in the Oberkampf area, or are looking for typical French cuisine.

Restaurant Astier
44 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
75 011 Paris

8. Burger n Fries

Burger n Fries – Source: Burger n Fries official instagram page

If you are a regular reader of my blog articles on discoverwalk, you might have seen me advice Burger n Fries in other articles. The reason is simple: Burger n Fries is one of my favorite quality fast foods in Paris.

All of their ingredients are fresh (nothing frozen!), the meat patties are so juicy, and the buns are homemade (I consider them some of the best buns of Paris).

They only have 4 options on the menu: hamburger/ cheeseburger/ double cheeseburger/ veggie burger. Everything is heavenly except the vegetarian burger ; my go-to order there is the double cheeseburger.

All of this for a very fair price: 9€ for a formula burger, fries, soft drink.

If you are also a burger lover like me, check out my top 3 burger joints in Paris.

Burger n Fries
1 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle
75 002 Paris

10. ID Fun Sushi

Sushi – source: unsplash

ID Fun sushi is an affordable sushi restaurant well known of Oberkampf/ République locals. The seafood is always very fresh, the staff is lovely. Nothing original or outstanding abot the recipes ; it is just a great and affordable sushi place in the Oberkampf area.

ID Fun Sushi
94 avenue Parmentier
75 011 Paris

There you go : the top 10 best restaurants in Oberkampf ! I hope this article was useful to you, do not hesitate to reach out if you need more advice.

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