10 Things to Eat in Belleville

Situated in the east of Paris, in between several arrondissement (9th, 11th, 19th, 20th), the Belleville neighborhood is definitely one of the most popular places of Paris for locals.

It is also one of my favorite neighborhood if I want to go out and eat, basically because aside from being one of the coolest areas of Paris, you can find in the same streets cuisines from all over the world as well as excellent and typical Parisian bistros.

The increased gentrification of the area has led to the implementation of several fusion cuisine spots; but the neighborhood’s soul has not completely vanished. Hype places and typical cuisines from all over the world coexist in this neighborhood. I have gathered below my favorite addresses; to discover them, read on!

1. Le Food Market

Belleville’s food market – Source: Belleville Food Market official facebook page

Happening once a month on a Thursday, Belleville’s food market is a must visit if you are a street food aficionado like me. This street event happens on the boulevard de Belleville; the avenue is locked to make it all pedestrian.

Le Food Market features 20 street food stands, generous portions for less than 10€, and cuisines from all over the world, with incredibly fresh products. I have a soft spot for Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine, so whenever I go there, I look for these stands and I’m blown away everytime!

Belleville Food Market
Boulevard de Belleville
75 020 Paris

2. Wenzhou

Wenzhou restaurant – source: official wenzhou facebook page

What is there to say about Whenzhou, really, except that it is one of the most famous restaurants of Belleville. There is nothing fancy about the small restaurant; but believe me, it is an institution in the neighborhood for all lovers of Chinese cuisine.

All the food in this small canteen is fresh, generous and affordable, and made for you on the spot.

24 rue de Belleville
75 020 Paris

3. La Cantine de Belleville

La Cantine de Belleville – Source: official La Cantine de Belleville official website

Looking for modern French cuisine in the Belleville neighborhood ? Look no further than La Cantine de Belleville. This classic and simple canteen serves great hearty French food (their steaks and tartares are delicious).

This is not the most sophisticated cuisine; but the place in itself is a hub for underground music in Paris, with concerts at night.

La Cantine de Belleville
108 Boulevard de Belleville
75 020 Paris

4. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Belleville – Source: Bubble Tea Belleville official website

Amateurs of Bubble Tea, this one is for you ! Bubble Tea Belleville where the first to serve the typical Taiwanese drink in Paris. They have an array of flavors, their tea is delicious and the staff incredibly welcoming. In winter for a hot tea or in summer for a frappé, this address cannot be missed if you enjoy Bubble Tea.

Bubble Tea
15 rue de Belleville
75 019 Paris

5. Mukura

Mukura might me my favorite address of this list. Nestled in a tiny street of Belleville, this restaurant serves Colombian fusion dishes, modernized with a twist of unusual ingredients. The owner is incredibly lovely, often cooks dishes on demand if you are craving anything particular, and above all the food is mouth-watering.

It is a must visit for anyone, from a Colombian-food die hard fan to a curious newcomer. Their ceviche (a typical dish with marinated sea food) is my favorite order; but beware that the menu changes according to the season and the availability of products.

82 rue Rébéval
75 019 Paris

6. Brunch Soya Cantine Bio

Soya Cantine Bio – Source: Soya Cantine Bio official website

This restaurant is typical of the newly implemented healthy and hipster addresses in Belleville. Even though it runs a bit on the pricier end, it is still absolutely worth it. They serve complementary and well-curated dishes that ensure your brunch there will be memorable.

Brunch Soya Cantine Bio
20 rue de la pierre levee
75 011 Paris

7. Fromagerie Beillevaire

If you pass by this typical cheese seller in Belleville, I can guarantee you will spend much more than what you were planning to. Their cheese is locally sourced, of an outstanding quality. Some of France’s finest chefs come get their cheese there.

Do not hesitate to ask advice to the cheese sellers, they know all their products like the back of their hand and will be delighted to help.

Fromagerie Beillevaire
215 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
75 010 Paris

9. Lao Siam

Lao Siam dishes – Source: Trip Advisor

Asian food lovers, another great spot for you on the Belleville street. You will recognize the restaurant instantly by looking at the queue that extends on the sidewalk. Lao Siam has earned their reputation by the quality of their Thaï fusion cuisine, fresh and prepared on the spot.

The restaurant has become the daily canteen of a lot of inhabitants, because they offer a variety of dishes and change the menu every now and then to make sure their cuisine is varied. I have a soft spot for their Bo Bun, so definitely try it out if you happen to pass by! You can also check my top 10 Thai restaurants in Paris.

Lao Siam
49 rue de Belleville
75 019 Paris

10. Cô My Canteen

Co My Cantine in Paris – Source: Co my cantine official website

Long wooden benches and copious Vietnamese cuisine: this canteen is a classic of the Belleville neighborhood, especially for late night meals after a concert at the Maroquinerie (an alternative Parisian concert hall and one of my own personal favorite venues).

Do not expect a lot of intimacy but definitely a very friendly setting, where everyone eats at long tables.

Cô My Canteen
18 rue de Menilmontant
75 020 Paris

As you may have understood, Belleville is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods of Paris, and full of excellent addresses too. If you are willing to experience Paris’s various neighborhoods like a local, some Parisians are giving free tours to make you discover their city; click here to know more!

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