10 Things to Eat in Bastille


As rich in good food as it is in history, Bastille should definitely be well on your radar when it comes to finding things to eat in and around Paris.

Often referred to as the centre of the Revolution, the Bastille neighborhood today is alive with culture, sights and active street life. Between sight seeing you’ll find an abundance of delicious things to stuff your face with.

Unlike other districts in the city, the variety of cuisines in the Bastille area range far wider than just French bistros and the occasional take out joint.

Exciting streets of Bastille – by Guilhem Vellu – Wikimedia Commons

An eclectic array of edible things come together here in the 11th arrondissement. Whether you’re veggie based or into rare meats, something to satisfy all taste buds lives on these streets.

During a day of wandering Paris it is often inevitable to land up in the historic Place de la Bastille at some point. The plaza is so central and accessible via so many roads that jut out from it that finding yourself here by accident isn’t that surprising.

I enjoy my walks through the Bastille and trying to grasp the events that occurred in the space so many years ago. Equally as much I enjoy my meals in Bastille — here are 10 of the best things to eat when in the district!

1. Vegan Food in Bastille

Since we are on the subject of unexpectedly wandering into the Place de la Bastille I’ll tell you about my favorite accidental find in the neighborhood.

Before you scroll away because the word vegan has completely shriveled up your taste buds; this food find in Bastille is an absolute hidden gem and I recommend it to both veg and meat eaters alike.

Cage Ginger – by Cafe Ginger – Sourced from their website

Cafe Ginger is over on Rue Jacques Cœur, just to the west of the Bastille Plaza as one would move closer into the 4th arrondissement. An accidental find that has brought me back at least once a week ever since.

Inside Cafe Ginger you’ll select your main meal and then choose from the array of side dish options in the buffet to fill the rest of your plate. The Lasagne is a must-try for anyone who enjoys the traditional dish but hasn’t been able to enjoy it as often since changing their diet.

What’s great about Cafe Ginger is that the color pallet is completely reflected onto your plate — so you know you’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need out of that one meal.

Portions are big, so come hungry!

Average cost: Under €20

2. Japanese Food in Bastille

Heading north from the Place de la Bastille, just a few blocks of a short walk upward, you’ll find a little place called Fujiyaki. It’s a cosy little Japanese spot where you’ll enjoy some of the freshest sushi in all of Bastille.

Sushi is wonderful during the warmer months in Pairs, the perfect meal to end off a long day of walking in the heat. Being one of the most well known districts in Paris, Bastille has multiple options for free guided walking tours all year round.

Platter at Fujiyaki, Paris – by Fujiyaki – Sourced from their website

Explore the sights and the history and then settle in at Fujiyaki for a sundowner and sushi platter. I love that their prices are reasonable and portions are huge. This is a rarity when it comes to sushi in Europe.

If you usually love sushi then you’ll love eating at Fujiyaki – about as authentic as it gets this side of the world. Don’t leave without trying one of their Mochi.

Average Cost: Under €20

3. Street Food in Bastille

This next spot is a bit further from the central plaza in Bastille, further out that many of the rest of the restaurants. It doesn’t stop it from being one of the most frequented spots in the district; a second home to many of the locals.

I myself have numerous friends who swear by the restaurant known as CUT.

Street food at CUT – by CUT – Sourced from their website

Street food is popular because its very hard to get wrong. It needs to be tasty as hell and quick to serve — and you’re good! CUT is a Bangkok street food concept that serves up sliced dishes of meat and veggies as fresh and flavourful as they come.

The staff also make an effort to help each individual customer as best as possible, regardless of if they speak French or not. This says a lot about customer services as many places in Paris are notorious for slacking in this department.

You’ll find CUT at number 4 Rue Saint-Bernard in the east side of Bastille.

Average Cost: Under €10

4. Authentic French Food in Bastille

I can’t bring you all the way to the Bastille and not offer at least one authentic French cuisine to dive into. With so much history and soul in the streets, Bastille naturally holds some equally as fine French dining for anyone who is interested.

Most of the best authentic French bistros are located in the immediate vicinity of the square of the Place de la Bastille. By just walking through here you have at least a dozen to choose from.

Plate at Café Français – by Café Français – Sourced from their website

If I must pick from one, its got to be Café Français. Find it on the north end of the plaza and get a table outside if you can (there are awnings to protect from rain and sun).

The menu is everything you’ve come to know and love from French cuisine. Everything is good, service is friendly and sipping a glass of wine while overlooking the square where the Bastille castle once stood is absolutely priceless.

Average Cost: Under €30

5. Sweet Treats in Bastille

You know when sometimes you come across a place that is so good and so wholesome that you kind of want to keep it a secret. To keep it all for yourself and not let the rest of the world invade it? But you’re also torn because they work so hard and deserve all the success in the world?

Yes. That is exactly how I feel about Mokonuts.

In the heart of Bastille is a bakery owned and run by a Japanese-Lebanese couple who literally dedicate their lives to the success of this space. Moko and Omar take on both dessert foods and light lunches at this restaurant.

Mokonuts – by Mokonuts – Sourced from their website

The restaurant is a second home to locals of Bastille and other nearby districts. They love the unexpected flavors that come up in the making of each desert. For me its the cookies. I can’t pass through Bastille without grabbing a few.

Go. Support. Be part of this wholesome environment in which the couple does all the cooking themselves. A true gem of sweet treats in the Bastille district.

Average Cost: Under €15

6. Mexican Food in Bastille

Did someone say Margaritas? Did someone say best Mexican food in all of Paris? I really am surprising myself with how many restaurant gems I’m giving up today.

Welcome to Café Chilango, located at 82 Rue de la Folie Méricourt and the most authentic Mexican food you’ll find this side of the Seine.

Authentic Mexican at Café Chilango – by Café Chilango – Sourced from their website

Café Chilango is a bit of a distance away from Place de la Bastille, but if you’re walking the district anyway then it’s not far at all .

One word: tacos. Go with a friend and do their taco special! For just under €40 you’ll get 10 tacos and 4 tequila shots to share. A great deal and a great evening out in the Bastille.

Reserve a table in advance to avoid disappointment. This spot tends to fill up early evening time — lunch you might still be able to stroll in unannounced for a quite bite to eat!

Average Cost: Under €25

7. Pizza in Bastille

Pizza lovers pay close attention! Another Bastille gem coming right up.

I’ll admit that initially it was the charming interior of this restaurant that first caught my eye when I was walking down Boulevard Richard Lenoir one day. Upon realizing that it was an Italian food establishment I had no choice but to stop and try it out.

At Ober Mamma you’ll gorge on delectable pizza and pasta from an extensive menu. They will also throw truffle on anything if you ask nicely.

Pizza at Ober Mamma – by Ober Mamma – Sourced from their website

The whole vibe of this restaurant is just really damn cool. To put it simply. Good food, kind staff, a beautiful setting — not much to fault them on at all.

Ober Mamma is situated right by the Oberkampf metro stop which means you’re riding the outskirts of another eclectic little suburb within the Bastille area. Oberkampf is and up and coming little town with a lot of bars and creative hubs. It’s easy to get lost here in the evenings walking from attraction to social gathering to thrift shop.

Average Cost: Under €30

8. Ice Cream in Bastille

If you’re ever in conversation with a Parisian local and you bring up your time in the Bastille; nine time out of ten you’re going to be asked if you paid a visit to the legend that is the CREAM ice creamery.

Ice cream – by Jason Leung – Unsplash

Since CREAM isn’t in the heart of the Bastille I usually only pay visit before or after a walk through the nearby Parc de Belleville. This park has some of the best panoramic views of Pairs and should be visited by everyone at least once!

CREAM’s range of flavors are delectable. No need to avoid this ice cream shop in the winter either because their menu of warm drinks are equally as great to cosy up in the corner with as you enjoy a book or tend to some emails.

Average Cost: Under €10

9. Market Food in Bastille

If anyone says they don’t like market food they probably shouldn’t be trusted. The array of options and the craftsmanship that goes into many of the dishes found in Parisian markets is admirable and always worth supporting!

The Marché Bastille is one of the biggest markets in Paris. It’s open on Thursdays and Sundays and you’ll find it over on Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

Marché Bastille – by ayustety – Wikimedia Commons

As if Bastille needed more of a street vibe to make the overall energy of the district stronger. Marché Bastille is where locals have been coming together weekly for years to bask in the art of trading.

At Marché Bastille you’ll be able to pick up some fresh produce and groceries to get you through the week as well as enjoy a variety of home cooked meals on the day. My favorites are the buffet spreads that allow you to take a plate and fill it with whatever catches your eye from the table of dishes.

The fresh baked bread stall is another to look out for!

Average Cost: Under €10

10. Falafel in Bastille

Typical I’ve saved the best for last. Good falafel is something that seems to follow me around the planet; I’m pleased to have found this wonderful restaurant in the heart of Bastille as well.

Babylone is a little spot just north of the Place de la Bastille on Rue Daval. It is authentic Lebanese and with a price tag that will greatly please your bank account.

The cafe itself is cool and laid back. Babylone is open until late which makes it a great place to drop into after a night out when you’re in need of something fried and delicious.

Falafel Plate at Babylone – by Babylone – Sourced from their website

Enjoy one of their falafel plates accompanied with a soup if you can manage it! Or come back for the latter another time if you’re not so hungry when you arrive. Both worth the trip to Bastille alone.

Babylone also does great cocktails and wine so don’t hesitate to arrange a dinner here before a night out on the town.

Average Cost: Under €10 (without alcohol)

I don’t know about you but after this roundup I’m pretty hungry. The top 10 things to eat in Bastille are a force to be reckoned with. Try work your way through all of them if you have a bit of time in Paris or are staying in the Bastille district itself.

Bon appétit!

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