10 Romantic Dates Ideas for Rome


Defining Rome with one word is impossible. Rome is an essence of so many things, so many beauties enclosed in a single city that are reflected on the faces of Romans and of the many tourists that crowd the streets.

Rome is also synonymous with romanticism: just think of the padlocks of lovers crowding Ponte Milvio, a symbol of love that is engraved in the hearts of us Italians. Below you will find a list of the most romatic places to enjoy a date with your loved one in my enchanting city, Roma.

1. The romantic view from the Orange Garden

Rome Romance

Photo of the Orange Garden (il Giardino degli Aranci) by Lalupa, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

This place that seems to be suspended in time is one of the most famous and known of the city. Located on the Aventino’s Hill, is a park of more than 8,000m in length and it’s a place full of mystery. Designed by the architect Raffaele De Vico, it’s the romantic destination of excellence.

Surrounded by orange trees and citrus groves, you will be immersed in an oasis of peace, colour and calm come the time they offer their fruits. According to tradition, the orange is miraculous and untouchable, and welcomes tourists and the many lovers who, especially in spring, crowd the park.

Through a long street that runs along the central part of the Garden, you will arrive at the Belvedere, and here you will find the most beautiful view of the city.

One thing not be missed: on the same street you will find the “keyhole”, a hole though which you will see in the distance the Church of San Peter, surrounded by olive trees and hedges …an image that will remain in your eyes and in your heart forever.

To visit the garden : from October to February 7.00-18.00, from March to September 7.00-20.00, from April to August 7.00-21.00.
You can call the number for every informations: 06.67105457.

2. A Walk in Monti District

Roma Romance

Photo of Monti District, sourced from Romeing

Monti is one of the most fashionable districts of Rome, and just if you have just arrived you will be surprised by the large amount of trendy bars and restaurants, all with a vintage touch that will make you savour the Rome that was.

The name Monti derives from the particular location of this district that is located near three hills of Rome(Esquilino, Quirinale and Viminale). The emblem of this central area of the city is in fact a silver emblem with three green-colored mountains.

Despite suffering great bombings, fortunately Monti has remained intact in all its picturesque beauty. Taking a walk through the narrow streets and corners that make up this beautiful part of Rome will fill you with nostalgia and romance.

With the climbing plants lining the walls of old houses, the bistros with retro charm, and the old shops of the past, Monti is perfect for a romantic walk through the main streets like “Salita dei Borgia”. This is a steep staircase covered with ivy. Also, “Via Panisperna”, which is the most fascinating street with the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in the background.

To finish the evening, I recommend the “Sa Tanca Crostaceria “ restaurant, a gourmet fish restaurant and oyster bar with a romantic touch.

Sa Tanca Crostaceria is located in Via Palermo, 57 Rome. For reservations call : 06 486549

3. The Charm of Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese, sourced from Civitatis Tours site for Rome

Villa Borghese is the largest urban park in Rome. It extends throughout the territory of the Pinciano park and part of Campo Marzio, and is one of the most beautiful testimonies of aristocratic and classical Rome.

During the 1695, Villa Borghese was the house of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who transformed it according the classical Roman tradition and the park was divided into several sections: a forest, an Italian garden, and a wild area.

In this regard you will find a great deal of different trees like firs, oaks and weeping willows that run along the splendid building.

Inside the park there are three museums: Galleria Borghese, Museo Nazionale Etrusco and the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna. They attract tourists every month and will be the backdrop for your romantic walks.

The Galleria Borghese is known in every part of the world because it hosts the main art collection of the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, and works by Raphael Sanzio and Bernini (here you can find the famous “David” by Bernini). Find your entry and tour tickets to the Galleria here!

I recommend reserving your visit. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00- visit are two hours for a maximum of 360 people.

The Museo Nazionale Etrusco is located in Villa Giulia, another building of the main park, and here you can see the great collection of Etruscan vases.

The Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna includes works by Pollock and other international personalities of the modern art world.

I think that Villa Borghese embodies all the mystery and the charm of Rome , so you must to go there absolutely!

4.  A romantic aperitif along the Tevere River

Roma Romance

Tevere (Tiber) River, photo by Jebulon sourced from Wikimedia Commons

The Tevere River is another symbol of Rome. For centuries it was custodian of the secrets and mystery of the roman civilization, and still today it represents the City in every postcard and in every imagination of the citizens. What could be better than enjoying a walk along its banks?

There are many romantic places close to Tevere. We begin with Flaminio Bridge, located near Parioli and Tor di Quinto districts, which will surprise you with its imposing construction.

Every day,  lovers visit the bridge and admire the reflections of sunlight on the waters of the river. My advice is to go during the sunset: an amazing show!

If you feel like an aperitif, you can many trendy bars that will offer you all the best drinks along with a buffet. One of my favourities is “ Baja”, located in Lungotevere Arnaldo Da Brescia, which is inside a boat so that you can see the River in front of you.

For reservations you can call : 06-94368869

5. The Trevi Fountain: Fountain of Love

Roma Romance

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), sourced from Wikimedia Commons

The Trevi Fountain is one of the masterpieces of the Baroque art period, and is one of the most famous fountains in the world.

There are many legends around Trevi fountain. The most famous is the toss of the coin with closed eyes, that symbolises a desired return to Rome… For the lovers, next to the fountain there is a small bathtub where, according to tradition , drinking its water meant an oath of eternal loving fidelity…Unfortunately for couples, today it is not possible to drink the water, but the mystery remains!

The Trevi fountain is the place that most, in my opinion, defines the purest romanticism in Rome. There is nothing else that will woo your other half like this splendid architectural monument.  Even with amongst a crowd it is worth it!

6. Fall in love at the Tiber Island

Roma Romance

Tiber Island, photo by Alex
de Carvallho sourced from Wikimedia Commons

In the heart of the city of Rome, more precisely in the center of the Tiber river, we find this little jewel of an urban island.

According to tradition the island was created around 509 a.c. when the last king of Rome, Tarquin the Proud, was driven by the Roman people. Sacks of wheat were compressed to create a sort of elevation from the river, which will then be the island itself.

At the centre of this little island you can find a Church (Basilica di San Bartolomeo),. You can also find 2 hospitals: one is called “Fatebenefratelli” and the other is located in the ancient monastery near San Bartolomeo. There is a very famous restaurant called “Sora Lella”, where you can find traditional dishes of Roman cuisine.

If you want to escape for a while from the hustle and bustle of Rome, Tiber Island is the place for you!

To arrive on the island, it is very easy. Just pass by one of two bridges that flank it – Fabricio and Cestio.

I recommend a walk into this historical piece of Rome to reminisce on all the splendour of the past!

“Sora Lella Restaurant” is located in Via di Ponte Quattro capi, 16, Rome- for reservations call­:06 6861601

7. The Staircase of Trinità Dei Monti

Roma Romance

Staircase of Tinita dei Monti (scalinata trinita dei monti) sourced from TripAdvisor

The famous staircase of Trinità dei Monti does not need an introduction – it represents Rome in its entirety. This amazing staircase was projected by the roman architect Francesco De Sanctis, whose desire was to create a symbolic embrace and connection between the Church of Trinità dei Monti and Piazza Di Spagna.

This place is full of romanticism and every day thousands of young lovers and tourists come to see the beauty of the Italian Capital. Find  time to drink a cocktail in the Palazzetto Cocktail and Wine Bar, a fantastic terrace in front of Trinità dei Monti. Here you can admire an amazing sunset!

Palazzetto Cocktail and Wine Bar is located in Vicolo del Bottino, 8 Rome- Phone: 06 699341000

8. Get lost in Trastevere

Roma Romance

Streets in Trastevere, photo by Kirkandmimi sourced from Pixabay

The district of Trastevere, which from Latin translates to “Beyond the Tiber”, is one of the oldest places of Rome. Full of charm, it is synonymous of the Roman culture (on a cinematographic level it was the setting for many vintage films interpreted by great actors such as Anna Magnani and Alberto Sordi).

Always considered a separate part of the city, the Rione Trastevere has the characteristic of being formed by very narrow streets and paved with cobblestones (ladies, be careful of wearing high heels!)

These streets flow into the beautiful square of Santa Maria in Trastevere, where according to tradition, you can find the oldest fountain of all of Rome in the centre.

Perfect for a nice romantic walk, during spring and summer the square will magically fill up with bar chairs, tables and banquet tables that sell used items and books. You can spend a lot of time sitting down ,with a good beer in hand, admiring the undisputed beauty of this place.

9. Campo de Fiori

Roma Romance

Campo de Fiori Market, sourced from Rome Information website

Campo de Fiori is a square in the historical centre of Rome. It is the only square without a church and, like Trastevere, it was the setting of important films like ‘Campo de Fiori’ interpreted by Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi.

In the past, this is where authorities practised corporal punishment. In the 1600s, Giordano Bruno, considered a heretic, was burned at the stake here.  Many years later a monument was dedicated to him that you can still admire today.

I recommend visiting Campo de Fiori to see the famous market that cheers up the Roman centre every day of the week, except Sunday. Here you will find not only fruits and vegetables, but also more international products that have now been adopted by the Romans. Certainly, Campo de Fiori deserves for a visit with your partner. Buy some groceries here for your romantic picnic!

10. The amazing Villa Ada

Roma Romance

Villa Ada sunset, photo by Archeologo sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Villa Ada is one of the largest public parks of Rome and a visit is obligatory! It is located in the North of the city, in the Parioli district.  Every year it is the venue  of many events and shows with a hippie vibe.

During the Summer and the warm season, Villa Ada is crowded by tourists and families sunbathing on the large lawn or relaxing in the shade, escaping the chaos of the city centre, and it is not rare to find young lovers who enjoying a moment of tranquility, perhaps in front of a good concert with a good beer.

This is a very beautiful place, far from the traffic and the smog of Rome, and is really an oasis of peace where you can stroll on the narrow streets of the park. Come here to admire the nature around you and enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets of Rome with your partner!

Villa Ada is always open and the entry is free.