10 Reasons to Workout at Dynamo Cycling in Paris


Dynamo is a cycling studio in Paris that may just be the coolest way to workout. Instead of just offering a studio to come and exercise, they teach fun and intense classes, morning and night.

Classes are usually 50 minutes long and focus on fast-paced cardio and muscle toning. Five minutes of the class are dedicated to arm workouts for toning biceps and triceps. 

If you like good music, you’re going to like this place. Music is the key to exercise. There’s nothing that will get you more in the mood to workout than a good playlist. At Dynamo, the tunes start as soon as you walk in the door.

You’ll find that the Dynamo experience is as nice as the workout. From the unique coaches to the mesmerizing environment, you will be captivated by the class from start to finish.

If you are wondering how much it costs, the price differs depending on which pack you buy. Your first class costs 15 euros, and then you can buy a 3 pack for 45 euros if you enjoyed the first one.

After that, you can buy a single class for 27 euros, or you can purchase a pack and the price of each class decreases.

A 5 class pack is 125 euros, which equals 25 euros per session. The 10 class pack costs 220 euros, which is 22 euros a session.

The 20 class pack is 400 euros, which totals to 20 euros per session, and the 30 class pack is 540 euros, which is only 18 euros per session.

But why should you go to Dynamo? What makes it better than other workout studios? If you’re not already convinced, here are 10 reasons to workout there.

1. They have four different locations around the city.

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

Whether you live in the 8th arrondissement or in the 11th, you can easily get to one of their studios. They have locations in Opera, Oberkampf, Lafayette, and Boetie, so that everyone can attend.

Another great thing about the multiple locations is that you can alternate between studios to attend more classes. If you don’t like the schedule at one studio or your favorite coach is teaching at another location, you can switch it up and go to a new one. 

Each studio is different, so it’s fun to experience the distinct environments. You can even try them all out if you’re feeling adventurous. Then maybe you’ll find your favorite and you can stick to that one.

Here are the addresses of each location:

Studio Oberkampf



Studio Lafayette

24 RUE CHAUCHAT, 75009


Studio Opera



Studio Boetie

79 RUE LA BOÉTIE, 75008

2. These spin classes offer more than a workout

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

Dynamo works out your mind too. It can be hard to enjoy a session at the gym sometimes, but here you will never have to worry about a boring workout again. These classes are so fun and immersive that you forget about everything else and enjoy the class. 

If you’ve had a stressful day, you’ll forget all about it once you arrive at the studio. During the class, you’ll be so tuned in that you won’t think about anything else, and by the end, your mind will be so clear that all your problems will be solved.

Immerse yourself in the dark room and find yourself completely focused on the workout, entranced by the music. Your mind will be only on the bike and the beat, and it will feel good.

3. You will accomplish more than you thought you could on your own

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

Can you run for an hour on the treadmill? I certainly never have. But Dynamo does cycling so well that you will be working at full capacity for a full 50 minutes without even thinking about it.

When someone is guiding you through the class, you hardly remember you’re working out. This way, you can accomplish way more, and have fun doing it.

After doing such a long session of cardio, you will have burned more calories than you ever thought you could in one workout session. Dynamo makes intense workouts fun.

4. The coaches play awesome music

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

If you’re not sure that you would enjoy the exercise, you will at least enjoy the playlist. No matter whose class you attend, the speakers are playing great tunes. It’s like going to a concert, but you leave skinnier. 

For the most part, the coaches play upbeat music like techno and pop. Toward the end of the class, it gets more relaxed for the cool down. There’s a mix of rap in both French and English, so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Another cool thing is that once you start going, you’ll get to know the music styles of each coach so that you can choose the one you like the best and go to those classes more often.

5. You will walk out feeling completely refreshed, in more ways than one

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

After getting your sweat on in a dark room where the rest of your day disappears from mind, you’ll leave in a great mood with a fresh perspective. You can go home with a healthier-feeling body and a happier mentality. Isn’t it great that working out releases dopamine?

When you walk out of a Dynamo spin class, you’re sweaty, thirsty, and smiling. Water is your new best friend and the sun feels fresh on your skin. You can take a refreshing shower and enjoy the day ahead.

6. It’s a great way to meet new people

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

 If you like exercising in fun classes, you will be surprised to find that there are many people who share the same hobby. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you before or after class and maybe you will become best friends. The people who go to Dynamo are young and friendly.

Exercising can be intimidating when you do it alone. The good thing about these classes is that Dynamo is a family. Even if you show up alone, you’ll easily find a group of similar people to share the experience with you and have a good time all together.

7. The people around you will push you to go further

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

The coach is not the only one who makes an impact on your workout. While the coaches are inspirational in their words and their actions, the other riders can also have a positive impact on you. By seeing everyone else show up on a regular basis and work as hard as they can, you will be motivated to do the same. With exercise, the more, the merrier.

For an even better buddy system, you can invite a friend to go with you. Whether they already go to spin classes or not, it could become your favorite thing to do together. Friends are great for making you work out even when you don’t feel like going, and it’s a great way to spend time together. If you already have a workout buddy, you should probably send them this article.

8. These coaches really know what they’re doing.

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

At Dynamo, the entire class is choreographed, so you’ll always know what to do. And they will be there the whole time coaching you through the routine. With their guidance, you can completely relax and enjoy the bike, the music, and the class. It’s harder to get distracted or slow down and give up when someone is right in front of you pushing  you to keep going.

If you find a coach whose classes you really like, it will be even more fun to show up. There’s nothing better than ending your day with an energetic class taught by a coach who pushes you to work your hardest while you enjoy the class.

9. There are multiple lasting benefits.

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

After going to spin classes regularly, you’ll start to notice a difference in more areas than one. Maybe you will see that your skin is brighter, your muscles are more toned, your mood is elevated, and you have just generally become more excited about life.

These are just the side effects of the great opportunity of working out at Dynamo. This place will you give you complete rejuvenation inside and out each time you go in. It’s hard to believe that burning hundreds of calories is only one of the takeaways you’ll get.

10. You’ll never have to dread working out again

Photo by @dynamocycling on Instagram

It can be hard to get yourself to go exercise after a long day. And it’s even worse when your plans are just to go the gym. By going to an awesome spin class, working out will become your favorite part of the day. Being able to look forward to your workout is the secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?

With Dynamo, working out means good music, good friends, and good exercise. There’s nothing not to love. And you’ll get into excellent shape. It’s a great experience overall.

Go to Dynamo Cycling and book your first class.
  • It’s almost half off the first time, and you’ll definitely want to go back.
  • If you decide you want to start going more often, you can purchase a three class pack for 45 euros.
  • After that, you can buy packs of 5, 10, 20, and 30, at discounted rates. Or you can always buy a single class pass.

No matter how often you go, you will really enjoy these spin classes. From listening to great music to getting a full body workout, this is the place to get your sweat on. Next time you’re close to one of the four studios, pop in and try out a class. You’ll be hooked.

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