10 Christmas Gifts to buy in Lisbon

Are you coming to Lisbon for the Christmas holiday? If you are, you’re probably thinking about getting your Christmas gifts while in the city. Lisbon is the perfect place if you’re looking for unique and traditional items from Portugal. You will find many gifts that will be much more original than usual.

Getting Christmas gifts in Lisbon is an awesome way to introduce your relatives to the Portuguese culture and to awaken their interests. All the gift suggestions I’m about to give you in this article are typical of our country and will definitely please the members of your family. Read on and find out 10 Christmas gifts to buy in Lisbon!

A cork-made item


© rutz

Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in the world. Two stores in Lisbon present unique cork-made objects, accessories and shoes: Pelcor and rutz. This type of items combines all the advantages of a natural and sustainable material like cork with the ability to create unique fashion items.

Offering a cork-made item is a great way to introduce your relatives to an environment-friendly lifestyle, showing them one does not need to harm our planet and its animals to be fashionable.

The Pelcor store is located at Pátio do Tijolo, nº16. From hats, aprons, clutches, belts to dog collars, they have a great variety of cork-made products and the prices go from nine euros to over 200 euros. Their items are top quality, so it’s definitely an investment I recommend you to do.

The rutz store is located at Rua dos Sapateiros, nº181-183 in the Baixa neighborhood. They are specialized in making cork shoes, which are vegan, but also sell tableware and iPhone cases. Their shoes are gorgeous, especially the high heeled sandals!

A vegan solid shampoo


© Lisbon Shopping

At Lush, located at Avenida Eng. Duarte Pacheco in Lisbon, you will find fresh handmade cosmetics. From shampoo, bath bombs, soaps to facial creams, all the products are cruelty-free, handmade and made out of natural ingredients.

Let’s all adopt cruelty-free lifestyles and be more aware of our environment but of our health as well, since we will be introducing natural products into our bodies. Giving cruelty-free gifts for Christmas to our relatives is showing we care about their well-being and health but also about our planet and its preservation.

Bordallo Pinheiro tableware


© Jornal Económico

Bordallo Pinheiro is one of the most important personalities of Portuguese culture. He’s known for his humorous drawings, caricature, and his ceramics.

All his works look like from our time and are fundamental to the understanding of the political, social and ideological aspects of his.

The Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic creations are timeless and they are one of the most outstanding and impressive heritage a Portuguese artist could leave to its people.

If you have some time while in Lisbon, I strongly recommend you to visit the Bordallo Pinheiro Museum to learn more about this incredible Portuguese artist. And, as a Christmas gift for this year, go to the Vista Alegre store in the Chiado neighborhood, at Largo do Chiado, nº20-23 and give your relatives the most unique gift. From pineapple-shaped jugs to watermelon-shaped dishes, any kind of Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics will embellish your home.

A bottle of Ginja


© New in Town

Ginja is a traditional Portuguese cherry liquor. It is originally from Alcobaça but some of the most famous Ginjas are made in Óbidos. Sintra and Lisbon also have their own Ginja recipe.

Offering a bottle of Ginja is an amazing idea for Christmas, because it is so delicious! Get your bottle of Ginja at Garrajeira Agrovinhos at Rua Fradesso da Silveira, nº45-49 and at Palácio da Ginja at Rua da Prata, nº223. The staff will help you pick the perfect ginja for your Christmas gift!

An Amália Rodrigues CD album

Watch this video on YouTube.

Who is Amália Rodrigues? She is one of the most important Portuguese figures! She is the most famous fado singer. You cannot come to Portugal without listening to her songs and the passion she passes on.

For Christmas, get your relatives a CD of one of the most famous Fado singers there is, the splendid Amália Rodrigues! Her singing will bring tears to their eyes. You can easily find one at any Fnac store in Lisbon.



While visiting a few churches while in Lisbon, you will soon understand that the Portuguese enjoy gold and beautiful details.

Gold is part of the history of Portugal. The conquests that were made during the Age of Discoveries made the country’s fortune. It is believed that Portugal kingdom’s gold reserve were greater than any other European kingdoms of the time.

Goldsmithery became a tradition for the Portuguese. The jewellery stores from the historical centre of Lisbon are the finest! For instance: Lua de Prata at Rua da Prata, nº260 and the Pesarum one at Rua da Prata as well.

A vintage doll


For Christmas, give your family the possibility to remember a special item from their childhood. While in Lisbon, visit the Doll Hospital, where they restore old toys, teddy bears and dolls. You can buy one at the store, or bring one they’ve preciously kept and give it a new life!

Gourmet canned sardines


© Lisboa Convida

The Conserveira de Lisboa is an unmissable attraction of the city! Vintage colorful cans from the 1930s of tuna, codfish, mackerel and, of course, of sardine are aligned on the shelves. Some of the most popular brands are Tricana, Minor and Prata do Mar.

Located at Rua Bacalhoeiros, nº34, the Conserveira de Lisboa is the place you need to visit if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift. A gift box filled with gourmet canned sardines won’t go unnoticed!

If you take the tram 28 or 18 and stop at the Praça do Comércio station, you will only need to walk for five minutes from the stop.

A hat


At Rua da Rosa, nº118 in Lisbon, you will find the Fábrica dos Chapeus. In this small and cute store in the Bairro Alto neighborhood, all kinds of hats and headwar will be presented to you.

Handmade and made in Portugal, a hat from this store can be a great idea for a Christmas gift!

A made in Portugal blanket


© Lisboa Convida

What’s more perfect than a blanket for a Christmas gift? It’s so cozy and thoughtful as we will be facing the coldest months! All the products of ChiCoração in natural wool have beautiful colours. They are classic and modern, which makes the perfect kit for winter!

Made in Portugal, you can choose from stoles, blankets, and coats. It will be hard to choose with all this variety. Prices vary from 39 euros to 198 euros.

You will find this store at Rua da Prata, nº274 in Lisbon.

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My article about 10 Christmas gifts to buy in Lisbon is now over. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has provided you with a few ideas! These suggestions are the ones I think are the most creative. They are unique and can serve as a great glimpse at Portuguese culture! Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need further information about anything. See you soon in Lisbon!