10 Best Restaurants in Madrid


Hopefully you’re hungry, because Madrid is about to fill you up. This classic Spanish city actually has a very diverse restaurant profile. Whether you are looking for Spanish food or something completely different, you’ll be able to find it here, and chances are, it will taste amazing.

Below are the top 10 restaurants in Madrid that must be explored. These spots offer sushi, pizza, burgers, tapas, and everything in between. After learning about each of these restaurants, you’ll want to close this article and be on your way to dinner.

1. Monsieur Sushita

Calle Velázquez, 68, Salamanca

Photo sourced from sushita.com

There is no other restaurant in Madrid that could go at the top of this list. Monsieur Sushita offers the full experience, with everything from scrumptious food to captivating decor. There are two floors for seating and a beautiful front entrance.

This place is not just a restaurant; it has a rich history that defines the dining atmosphere. The restaurant was born of a multicultural love story. The story says that when a Spanish man met a French woman in Japan who loved sushi, their bond formed the inspiration for Monsieur Sushita.

From this unity came sensational plates that are served in an elegant and exciting environment. The menu is known for its specialty rolls, and even some that come on a plate of smoking dry ice for an exciting presentation.

If you only order one thing from this restaurant, get the gambas rojas, or fried prawns dressed in an exceptional sauce. Be careful, this plate is so good that it might keep you from exploring other restaurants. Other highlights from the menu include spicy vegetables topped with a poached egg, duck rolls, and a selection of sorbet paletas for something sweet.

The best part about Monsieur Sushita is that you can enjoy a lovely dinner for two, including a bottle of wine, starters, main courses and even a cheescake for dessert, and the bill will come out to a very reasonable price.

2. Nina’s Pasta Bar

Calle de santa ana 21, La latina

Photo sourced from David Monterroso Cabello

Run by a pair of women, this pasta bar has exquisite dishes that keep customers coming back for more. The combination of an authentic Italian lady and her Spanish counterpart brings the perfect balance to the table.

This restaurant has a dynamic layout that makes for a warm dinner for family or friends. Everything about the place is simple yet luxurious. Each plate is hearty and delicious. There are about eight pasta dishes and a number of appetizers.

If you like to order starters, try the cheese board. It comes with chunks of fresh Parmesan, arugula, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. The delicacy of sun-dried tomatoes is also incorporated as a garnish on top of some of the pastas.

For truffle lovers, ask about the off-menu plates in case the truffle pasta sounds better than the other options. These two addicting flavors only offer a glimpse into the full selection available at Nina’s. Regardless of what you order, you’re going to love it.

A unique highlight of this Italian restaurant is that there is a healthy option for those who are trying to stay away from pasta. If you think you’d enjoy something different, order the signature Sicilian eggplant dish, which is paired with tomato and topped with nuts and basil.

3. Naia

Photo sourced from Thomas Biedermann

If you are looking for a luxurious dining experience, I recommend Naia. This boutique restaurant is located on Plaza Paja, a sloping outdoor space where the Spanish gather around to eat and drink. The decor is simple and stylish, which adds a very calming feel to your meal.

The menu features the perfect selection of delicacy plates that have a wide variety, from a gourmet burger to beef and gnocchi. Other fantastic plates include the salom with quinoa and the calamari. A notable dessert is the Oreo cheesecake.

Between the romantic atmosphere and the mouth watering food, this restaurant is sure to live up to your expectations for a night out. It is a divine experience, whether you choose to sit outside and enjoy the breeze or settle into the quiet interior.

4. Sahuaro

Plaza de cascorro, 2, La latina

Photo sourced from sahuaromadrid.com

Although this spot is located in the heart of Spain, it is a fantastic Mexican restaurant. Complete with a nice cocktail menu and a large selection of plates, you could eat dinner here every night, especially because the prices are very low.

On the menu, you’ll find different taco sets, enchiladas, and even a healthy salmon, asparagus and rice plate that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied. And aside from what’s on the menu, the space is also quite impressive.

Sahuaro invites you in to enjoy drinks and bites on their open terrace which boasts comfortable, collective seating and a view with a breeze. For a more intimate dinner, opt for a table inside and enjoy the atmosphere of the dim lighting and friendly chatter.

Choose Sahuaro if you know you would enjoy a plate of enchiladas and a piña colada. Sahuaro also carries a collection of Mezcals for those who have a fine taste for Mexican spirits. This is not the kind of restaurant you only visit once.

5. Takos al Pastor

Calle de la abada, 2, Gran Vía

Photo sourced from Khaled Fazely

This restaurant proves that you can still find great Mexican food in Europe. And if you don’t believe me, just stand in front of the entrance. The taco place has a large line of people waiting to be served at all hours of opening.

You’ll have to queue for a few minutes to decide for yourself what all the hype is about. Perhaps it’s the excellent deal of one euro per taco, or maybe the Mexican Food lovers are sold by the frozen margaritas.

Either way, Takos al Pastor provides a refined eating experience that will make you feel like you have teleported to Mexico, especially because the employees are Mexican and you can immediately feel the authentic culture that they bring to the experience.

The restaurant is not very big, and this might be part of the reason why there’s usually such a long line. But since the tacos are so delicious, the people eat quickly and the tables are turned quickly.

If you didn’t already know the significance of the name of the restaurant, you’re about to discover your new favorite food. Tacos al Pastor is arguably the most legendary dish of Mexican tradition. It contains pork seasoned with achiote and topped with pineapple and onions.

This is only one of the selection of street tacos that are being prepared in the Takos al Pastor kitchen. Come hungry and order at least one of every taco to get a taste of all of them, because they are each rich in flavor.

6. La Paloma

Calle de toledo, 85, la latina

Photo sourced from Paula Gil Ocón

If you would like to dive into the Spanish culture and pretend to be a local, try La Paloma. This small spot is a famous spot in classic La Latina where people come to enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere of the intimate bar.

Speaking of the size, this is not the place to go for a sit down dinner. The majority of the menu items are seafood, and they come without sides. That being said, the plates are said to be delicious.

This is the kind of place that can be visited on a Sunday. On this day of the week, the Spanish always get together and drink and chat all day long, enjoying their free day. Order a plate of oysters and learn the scene of Spanish tapas dining and leisurely Sundays.

7. Bacoa

 Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 3, Puerta del sol

Photo sourced from @bacoaburger on Instagram

Sometimes a burger and fries is the one meal that properly satisfies a craving. For days like these, check out Bacoa, a burger joint just next to Puerta del Sol. The restaurant culture is the result of its founders, who represent a combination of Spain and Australia.

Bacoa can also be found in three other Spanish cities, like Barcelona. It’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a quick meal during a busy day.  The restaurant aims to provide quality that feels like a home-cooked meal.

Aside from the obvious fact that Bacoa burgers taste great, the restaurant is also on this list for its large selection. The menu features vegan and vegetarian options, and even a burger salad for those who wish to skip the bread. Not to mention, they have four different types of french fries, which has got to be a good sign.

8. Sobrino de Botín

Calle de cuchilleros, 17, PLaza mayor

Photo sourced from Christian Howard

A list of the best restaurants in Madrid would not be complete without mentioning the world’s oldest restaurant, Sobrino de Botín. This classic Spanish restaurant was founded in 1725 and the fire oven has never been extinguished since.

Being that it’s been around for so long, we know for sure that it’s a well-rated place. There is also lots of history embedded in the world’s original restaurant, so much so that the spot has been mentioned in multiple pieces of literature like that of Ernest Hemingway.

In his book, The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway recalls their specialty, cochinillo asado or roast sucking pig. Today’s customers agree that this is a legendary plate, and that the other menu items are exquisitely prepared. As you can see, this restaurant is not only very old but also very good.

9. Pura Vida Vegan Bar

Calle de lopez Silva, 4, La latina

Photo sourced from Richa Chheda

Madrid has an impressive number of vegan restaurants, and this one is really delicious. Pura Vida Vegan Bar has nachos, pizzas, sandwiches and more.

This two-story eatery serves great food in a peaceful environment. Interestingly, the healthy restaurant also a strong morale. For every burger and sandwich purchased, one euro is donated to animal liberation sanctuaries and efforts.

Founded by people that care about more than just the food, the dining experience at Pura Vida feels like more than a meal. Another notable feature is the dietary notations which help customers with sensitivities to see if the plates contain ingredients like gluten or nuts.

Overall, these details are only bonuses to the already incredible plates that are served here. This is the place to come with a few friends and enjoy each others’ company on a Sunday.

10. Pajaritos Mojados

Calle del Humilladero, 3, La latina

Photo sourced from @maniacburger on Instagram

While it may seem like there are plenty of burger joints in Madrid, they are all unique and tasty in their own way. Pajaritos Mojados is one of the great restaurants in Madrid that serve burgers and sweet potato fries.

This restaurant has a diverse menu of assorted burgers, with vegetarian and vegan options like an eggplant burger, and even a dietary restriction guide. Meals are eaten in a fun environment. The restaurant has a bar and plenty of space to sit with your companions.

If you love sweet potato fries as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to visit Pajaritos Mojados. Not only do they come with the burgers, you can also order a bowl as a starter for bottomless sweet potato pleasure.

And just when you think the fun of the meal is over, you’ll pay the bill and be thanked with some gummy candies, and Pajaritos Mojados will officially become one of your favorite spots in Madrid.

Something that makes these restaurants impressive is the extensive options for those who have special diets like the vegan one. In fact, there are so many healthy restaurants in Madrid that the vegans might be eating better than the carnivores.

Whether it comes to seafood or to burgers, Madrileños can do it all. It seems like the Spanish are just as capable of making delicious foreign food as they are at preparing great tapas. The above recommendations have enough amazing food to last a lifetime.