10 Amazing Things to Eat in Saint Michel

The Saint Michel neighborhood is one of the most popular areas of Paris. Every day, hundreds of tourists and French students and lovers of art and literature wanders through its streets. The neighborhood is full of excellent addresses and restaurants.

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Are you looking for the best ramen of Paris? The best restaurants in Saint Michel? The best pizza of the neighborhood? Keep reading to discover my selection! But before we get started, you can also check my top 5 things to see in Saint Michel.

1. Kodawari

Kodawari Ramen – Source: official kodawari website

Kodawari is one of my favorite ramen restaurants in Paris, and you are lucky, you can find it in the Saint Michel neighborhood, at the 29 rue Mazarine. It is not rare for me to cross almost all of Paris to come eat there, it truly is one of my favorite restaurants.

Do no get discouraged by the queue in front of the restaurant; if you are a lover of Japanese cuisine and ramen in particular, this restaurant is to my mind a must visit.

Every single thing they serve is homemade; their ingredients are sourced and fresh, and they make their own noodles with their own wheat that they cultivated themselves. The result is a incredible ramen bursting with flavors.

The ramen are 12€ each, which makes for an affordable, healthy and incredibly tasty meal.

Kodawari Ramen
29 rue Mazarine
75 006 Paris

2. Burger n Fries

Burger n Fries – Source: Burger n Fries official instagram page

Burger n Fries is a sensation in France, to the extent that it has been called several times “The best burger of Paris”. This restaurant is a quality hamburger chain that serves burgers made with all fresh ingredients, and at a never seen price in Paris for this quality: 9€ for a menu with burger, fries and drink.

Nothing is frozen, everything is made in the kitchen under your eyes. They prepare their buns every morning, and their meat patties are juicy and simply to die for. My favorite order is the double cheeseburger, and judging from the crowd in the restaurant, I am not alone!

However, keep in mind that even though they make everything under your eyes, Burger n Fries looks more like a fast food chain than a gourmet restaurant. It is best suited for a quick and tasty meal.

Also, if you are a vegetarian, I suggest you do not visit Burger n Fries: their vegetarian burger is close to a joke – the same as the cheeseburger, but without the meat. Go for their double cheeseburger and enjoy!

Burger n Fries
95 boulevard Saint Germain
75 006 Paris

3. L’Agrume

L’Agrume – Source: L’agrume official website

L’Agrume runs more expensive than the other restaurants on this list, but for a good reason: the cuisine there is close to gastronomic, but with more affordable prices.

The chef cooks everything in front of you, with fresh products of extremely good quality (they even make their own foie gras!). The bistronomic menu changes according to the products available, to ensure everything is absolutely fresh.

If you choose to visit, I suggest you book your seats at the counter: it may seem counter intuitive but you will have a direct view at the chef cooking everything in front of you.

15 rue des fossés marcel
75 005 Paris

4. Un Dimanche à Paris

Un dimanche à Paris – Source: Trip Advisor

Un Dimanche à Paris is the place to go if you are looking for decadent and luxury pastries in the Saint Michel neighborhood.

They are nestled in a tiny street and even have a restaurant; but the stars of the show are their homemade chocolate and pastries. I go there every time I want to celebrate something alone. Their meringue lemon pie is a personal favorite, but everything I have tasted there was worth the go!

Un Dimanche à Paris
4 cour du Commerce Saint André
75 006 Paris

5. Maison Georges Larnicol

Maison Georges Larnicol – Source: Trip Advisor

If you have ever read or seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you will know the feeling of entering the shop of Maison Georges Larnicol.

From floor to ceiling, a display of more chocolate varieties than you could dream of eating in one serving. Everything they create is homemade and sophisticated; these chocolates make for a beautiful gift for people who have never had French chocolates, or who are in love with them.

The team was even crowned “meilleur ouvrier de France” (best worker of France), which is a distinctive tittle offered to the best cooks and creators of France.

Maison Georges Larnicol
123 boulevard Saint Germain
75 006 Paris

6. Sense Eat

Sense Eat – source: Sense Eat official website

Sense Eat is definitely one of my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Paris. They serve affordable Italian vegetarian cuisine, the presentation of the plates is always to die for, and the food is so delicious the restaurant is visited less by vegetarians than by food lovers of all sort!

Sense Eat
39 rue Mazarine
75 006 Paris

7. Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica – Source: Trip Advisor

What is there to say about Pizza Rustica, really, more than this: they serve excellent homemade and affordable pizza slices, perfect for take away or a quick meal!

They are famous in Europe for their iconic truffle pizza, but trust me on this, I recommend every slice on the menu, taste several if you can!

Pizza Rustica
24 rue Saint André des Arts
75 006 Paris

9. Le Caméléon

Le Caméléon – Source: Le Caméléon official facebook page

Not exactly something to eat, but rather something to drink ! Le Caméléon is one of the most famous bars of the Latin quarter and the Saint Michel neighborhood.

Students from the Sorbonne or the Faculty of Medicine come there every night, attracted by two things: the atmosphere and the extended happy hour (cocktails and beers at 5€ until 22pm!).

Le Caméléon
57 rue Saint André des Arts
75 006 Paris  

10. Figue & Olive

Figue & Olive – Source: Figue & Olive official website

When I heard that a restaurant in Paris was serving fusion Tunisian and Italian food, I had to go and try it, and I was not disappointed.

The food is mouth-watering, fresh and affordable, and the plates very colored. A perfect spring or summertime lunch!

Figue & Olive
44 rue Pierre Nicole
75 005 Paris

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