10 Amazing Restaurants in Prague


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Prepare to be wowed by excellent food… Image by StockSnap sourced from Pixabay

From cheap hole-in-the wall type places to extravagant meals, Prague knows how to do food. The best part is, most of the places you’ll find will also be substantially cheaper than other comparable restaurants in cities across Europe. So figure out what you’re in the mood for and head out the door, letting your nose guide you through the cobblestone streets. If you need some advice, we’ve compiled some of the best restaurants in the city – try getting through all of these in one trip. Your tastebuds will thank you.

1. La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

First up, we have La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise. Yep, try saying that in a French accent while asking for directions. Good luck. This is one of the finest restaurants in this capital city, providing small plates that “arouse the senses.”

Based loosely off of a 19th-century Czech cookbook, the menu here has also adopted and kept up with the modern times, changing and adapting traditional recipes to fit people’s current palettes. A Michelin-awarded restaurant, this upscale venue changes its menu daily, so you can visit here on all of your trips to Prague and always find seasonal and fresh offerings.

The seasonal menu is all made with local produce, and comes as 6 or 11 courses, depending on your current appetite. It is almost a tapas-style Czech restaurant, with the plates offering only two or three bites – but they’ll be some of the best flavor combinations you can find in the country. We recommend heading here for a fancy date night, or for treating yourself once on your trip.

3. Field

Number two on our list, we bring to you another Michelin-awarded restaurant – Field. Put on some smart-casual dress and head to this upscale restaurant in Prague 1. And don’t bring the young children – this restaurant is not suited for children under 6 years old, and is more suited for a romantic date night.

The ten-course offering on the menu serves up plates that have unique twists to traditional dishes, which keeps the locals and tourists continuously coming back for more.

The menu is Scandanavian-inspired, bringing in different fish creations and produce you might not normally find in the water-scarce Czech Republic. In addition to interesting ingredients, you can enjoy wine pairings and non-alcoholic drink pairings, usually consisting of fresh vegetable juices. T

he seats here fill up fast, so we recommend making a reservation – especially on the weekends. For those who are not on a budget and want to splurge, the ten-course menu goes for 3500 Kc – the equivalent of $155.

3. Satsang

Ringing in the third spot on our list of amazing restaurants, we have a non-traditional spot for vegetarians out there. Satsang is a tasty restaurant located in Prague 10, serving up only vegetarian or vegan dishes and locally-sourced ingredients. Open for dinner every day and for brunch on the weekends, the menu here gives you multiple options for whatever you’re in the mood for.

The food here is bright and colorful, and all looks like it should be pictured in a magazine. The variety of sauces, curries, seasonings, and vegetables make a healthy and Instagram-worthy spot for a quick bite for lunch or refreshing dinner. The cozy interior, with exposed brick walls, wooden-backed booths, and candles on every table set the mood for an intimate and cozy date spot.

We recommend trying the pad thai and small-brewery-made beer for dinner, or coming for the bottomless mimosas or coffee during the brunch rush.

4. The Tavern

Tourists and budget-travelers, look here. We have a top-notch burger spot where you’re sure to find expats and those just passing through, creating a friendly vibe. Right next to Riegrovy Sady, the famous beer garden in Zizkov, The Tavern serves up mouth-watering burgers every day of the week. Those traveling alone or traveling for the first time will like this laid-back vibe and English-speaking staff, making them feel comfortable in a new environment.

There are both high-quality meat patties and vegetarian options, so you can be sure there’s something for everyone. On weekends, you will need to make a reservation since this place is always packed – a good testimony to the quality of food served here. Grab a burger, and don’t forget to order a side of fries with Tav sauce – a dipping sauce that puts ketchup to shame.

Despite being a little bit more expensive than some of Prague’s offerings, the combination of modern cocktails, Czech beer, juicy burgers, and a relaxing atmosphere all makes this a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike. Head here if you’re a solo-traveler that wants a good meal and good conversation.

5. Krčma

A Czech soup will help you survive during a though winter. Picture sourced from Pixabay

If you’re a tourist that wants a traditional Czech meal without the gimmicky tourist-trap ambiance that so many places have now, head to Stare Mesto and find Krčma. This is a hidden gem in a neighborhood of restaurants with tourist-driven prices. This cozy spot offers up some of the best traditional cuisine in the center of the city, and does so in a tavern-like atmosphere, letting you relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Grab a pint of Pilsner, the famous Czech beer, and a dish of beef goulash, pork roast, or fried pork schnitzel. With traditional Czech dishes coming in at around $13 or less, this is a great spot to get a high-quality and low-priced dinner in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city. Head here if you want a traditional experience without the throngs of tourists and extortionate prices.

6. Café Savoy

Brno Cafe Savoy – By Scotch Mist – By Scotch Mist – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45782147

The next spot on our list is a restaurant that is open all day, serving up delicious breakfast as well as beautifully-made dinner dishes. Cafe Savoy combines both Czech dishes and French cuisine, creating an eclectic and upscale dining establishment. The whole interior screams opulence, with chandeliers and fancy decorations.

Despite having an extravagant interior, you’ll still find tourists here dressed in flip flops and shorts, so don’t worry about dressing up too much to come here. The menu, and the prices, will reflect the atmosphere. Breakfast is served with combination offerings, like the English or French breakfast, or individual plates.

If you come here in the evening, you can choose between a five-course menu or a la carte plates, like savory beef tartare. The pastry chef here has worked for Michelin-star restaurants, so you should definitely save some room for the mouth-watering dessert of dark chocolate cake. If you want a delicious meal in a beautiful environment and don’t care so much about the prices, then head here for some breakfast and strong coffee.

7. Lehka Hlava

Another spot for vegetarians across the world, Lehka Hlava is a meat-free haven. The atmosphere is what sets this restaurant apart from others in the city. The interior seems like you’re living in an oasis, with ocean-blue star-painted walls, dimly lit tables with candles and string lights, and comfortable seating all create a super-relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

The trendy and new-age decorations complement the menu, with younger people and couples flocking to this restaurant every day of the week. Reservations are becoming more essential, as vegetarianism takes off in the Czech city. We recommend trying the tofoie gras for a starter, consisting of a pâté made out of tofu, barley miso, and cashews

. For the main dish, the Big Clear Head is a common favorite for two people to share, with zucchini falafel, and a selection of either the vegetarian burger, tacos, potatoes, or seitan. The extensive menu, starry-night ambiance, and cozy setting all make for a great spot for a date night for couples wandering around Stare Mesto after sightseeing.

8. Cafefin

If you’re in the mood for some great lunch at a chilled-out cafe, head to Cafefin. Becoming popular thanks to the Instagram craze that has taken over social media and people’s phones in recent years, this cafe’s aesthetic appeal of rustic-chic interior mixed with trendy avocado toast has caught people’s attention.

Try out the tasty Bahn mi sandwich paired with a refreshing passion fruit lemonade for a hot summer’s day cure.

Located in Vinohrady, the offerings of pastel-colored drinks and exposed-brick walls enhance the artsy and hipster vibe of this popular cafe. Unlike many of the restaurants on this list, do not make reservations here. Simply because, you can’t. So head here, maybe wait for a little during the lunch rush, and then enjoy in some lighter fare and refreshing drinks before heading out to explore the trendy Vinohrady neighborhood.

9. Kavárna co hledá jméno

Brunch-lovers, I know you’re out there and I know you’ve been waiting. Wait no more I say. Kavárna co hledá jméno is an always-popular brunch spot offering up strong espresso to kick start your day – and kick that hangover you’ve been fighting.

With exposed-brick walls (a common trend here in the hipster-centric restaurants), relaxed couch seating, artwork on the walls, and industrial beams and lighting fixtures, the younger crowd will definitely enjoy this spot. The eggs benedict or the souffle is definitely the way to go when visiting this spot. The fluffy eggs and fresh ingredients paired with a strong coffee drink is the perfect way to start your day, with many young professionals camping out and chilling here all day long.

Freelancers, this spot is for you. Bring your laptop, order a mind-jolting latte, and get to work.

10. Bibimbap Korea

Topping off our list at number 10, we have a non-traditional restaurant that remains a favorite in the city – Bibimbap Korea. You won’t find Czech dishes here, but really, you can only have so much beef goulash before you need to try something a bit different. The best part of this restaurant is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Every time you come into this restaurant you will be personally greeted by the owners of the establishment, a lovely Korean couple who really takes the time and effort to make every patron feel like they’re getting an authentic experience.

You have to try this restaurant’s namesake, with the traditional rice dish using a flavor combination of sauces, sliced meat, vegetables, and strong seasonings. Head here if you want a fairly-inexpensive meal with a homely atmosphere.

With various cuisines, atmospheres, and price-ranges, you’re sure to find a restaurant for you on this list

We’ve rounded up our top 10 amazing restaurants in Prague, although there are many more mouth-watering places that didn’t make the list. Whether it was because of the eclectic ambiance, friendly staff, or unbeatable location, all of these restaurants on the list have one thing in common – the quality of food. The fresh ingredients, locally-sourced produce, and unique seasonings and pairings create tasty flavor combinations that you won’t find many other places.

If you can, try to go to at least a few of these spots on your next trip to the capital city. We recommend taking note of which dining experiences will need reservations, as the popularity of these establishments is only growing – and we don’t want to be blamed for you queuing for a table. Whether it is small plates, foreign food, or traditional Czech dishes, all of the establishments provide tasty food that will keep you coming back for more.