At Notre Dame, by the huge horse statue of Charlemagne

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From May 1st – October 15th only

Metro station

Closest metro station: Cite (line 4)

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All tours are in English

Average tip on this tour: €12
Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Average number of guests 14

Starts by Notre Dame
Ends near métro Saint-Germain-des-prés (line 4)

Look for our distinct pink vests

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Saint-Germain and the River

Seine to café de flore

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90 min / FREE TOUR - tip only
5 pm starting May 1

from May 1 to Oct. 15
booking in advance is optional
(groups of 8 and more please book)

What's in our tour?

This stroll along the river Seine and into the Saint-Germain district at 5pm is a way to end your day in style, with romantic sites at dusk and history-filled alleys.

The tour starts outside Notre-Dame, and right away we cross the River Seine and head away from tourists and into the Middle Ages.

Our first major stop is at the oldest church of Paris: Saint-Julian-the-poor.

Then your local guide leads you through a maze of winding medieval streets, and we soak in the peace-filled, centuries-old atmosphere of Paris. We step into winding Saint-Germain district, with glorious mansions of the 1600’s. We run into the homes of Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre etc. and we hear fun, insider’s anecdotes about life around Saint-Germain. Jazz, art, cinema, politics.

As we make our way through this mysteryfilled maze, we grow a good understanding as to why so many artists and writers chose to live here.

We end the tour at the church of Saint-Germain-desp-prés: an icon for intellectual and fashionable Paris, and a perfect photo opp.

All along this stroll, we chat – what are the legends of this historic district? Where does the magic of this neighborhood all come from? And what are good places to go out at night this week, according to the fast-changing rules of fashion?

This stroll is a great way to get a start on a wonderful night in Paris.
In order to see more on this tour, we do not spend time going inside each building.


  • the Paris of Jazz, history, the arts, fashion – and fun
  • Where Picasso painted his most important work – “Guernica”
  • a born-and-raised local guide to lead you through this mystery-filled maze
  • Insider’s tips: what to do, where to go, clubs, cafés, and authentic restaurants

Where and when?

Saint-Germain and the River tour runs May 1 through October 15 and runs every day at 5 pm, rain or shine.

October 15th is the last day for this tour.

Groups of 8 and more please book. We advise large parties to book a private tour. In the interest of all guests, we reserve the right to accommodate or to turn down large groups

Why take this tour?

For its photo-perfect sights, for the spots you never would find on your own, and for the guide’s insider’s tips.


This is a free walking tour (you pay the guide what you want at the end of the tour), and no reservation is needed.
Walks-ins are always welcome.

Be at the tour meeting point 5 minutes early.

If you wish to book in advance, use the booking calendar on the right side of this page.

Privatize this tour

Booking required for groups of 8 and more.
Everyone else is welcome without a reservation.

Privatize this tour

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wheelchairs accessible