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What's in our tour?

This custom private tour of Lisbon aims to give participants simply the best day in their entire stay in Lisbon.

Tall order, is it? Here is how we try to deliver:
– out of our team of guides, we select the very best – knowledgeable, it goes without saying, but also personable, enthusiastic and fun

– we customize the program for you and your fellow-travelers, based on your interests, your backgrounds, the rest of your trip etc

– along with Lisbon’ great must-see landmarks and must-do activities, we throw in fun moments – best Port wine shop, best café terrace, or for kids a pony ride or the fantastic horse carriages museum etc

From the must sees of Lisbon to your pet topic (new trends in fashion and design, Vasco de Gama and the Age of Discoveries etc), you call the shots

The Best Day in Lisbon, EVER, tour, is our deluxe service – 100% custom, all-inclusive of course, and adjustable.


  • You see and do more – the legwork stays up to us
  • Content is all tailored for you – whatever your interests
  • The guide is selected based on your interests
  • We stay with you all day – an expert Lisboet for you to lean on
  • We start and end wherever and whenever you need

Where and when?

We meet you where you need to – at your hotel, your boat cruise or any other central Lisbon location you need etc. Booking can be arranged up to 24 hours in advance.

This tour ends wherever you request – back at your hotel or wherever you wish to be at the end of the day.

Why take this tour?

9.30am– meet and greet

Our cruise ship has moored in Lisbon for one day, and our guide meet us right at the gate of the boat terminal. Right away we catch the famous 28 cable car, up the hill of Alfama, for a bird’s eye view introduction to Lisbon.

10.30am – Bairro Alto and Alfama

We reach the Saint George castle, and we embrace the entire city, all the way to the Tagus river: Lisbon here we come! We observe what is so unique about Lisbon and the guide walks up through the history of the city, while we take some arresting pictures.

We now plunge down into Alfama – small streets everywhere, clogged up churches, and clothes hanging to dry. We run into sudden open vistas from rooftops all tucked away. We hear fado music here and there, the guide explains and she hums along, we trade smiles with locals, and we sip the local ginginha drink – strong drink for a morning walk, but life is short after all!

We peek at baroque Saint-Roch, a.k.a. ‘Europe’s most expensive church’, gaining insights into the wealth and power of sea-trading Portugal some 500 years ago. We smile at the creativity of the House of Spikes, and we are in awe of Se – Lisbon’s cathedral.


We step into craft shops to look at tiles, we make a detour by ‘the hospital of dolls’ – always worth a visit, and the guide points us to two gigantic, building-high, street art compositions.

1pm – lunch at Baixa

We have an interest in innovative sea food cuisine, so we head down to the river front, and the guide takes us to a prize-winning outdoor restaurant.

On our way down, we discover another side of Lisbon: the grandiose, royal constructions that came after the 1755 earthquake, including the “pombaline cage” invented as protection against seismic threats, the wide expanses and the royal edifices.

3.30pm Belém

We dedicate our afternoon to Lisbon’s other celebrated district – Belém. First is a scenic cable-car ride, second, to finish lunch on a sweet note, comes ‘pasteis de nata’, the custard cake invented by the monastery’s monks 200 years ago. We then discover the Jeronimos Monastery, which leaves us all breathless. The kids peek into the Horse Carriage museum – possibly the most extravagant collection of its kind anywhere.

We photograph ourselves on the very spot where Age of Discovery’s Vasco de Gama and his 170 crew set out to sea. Before heading back to our ship, we pay our tribute to the great sea explorers, to Prince-Navigator Henri and to king Alfonso V, who explored the ‘New World’ and along the way transformed Lisbon into the unique gem we uncovered for ourselves.


The full-day private Your Best Day in Lisbon tour is available every day. The meeting time and place are up to you. Available in English (Spanish and of course Portuguese are also available).

You can also choose our half-day version for this tour.

Here are our rates for the full day private tour:

1 or 2 persons$349
additional adult$49/extra person
additional teenager$29/extra person

And for the half day private tour:

1 or 2 persons$229
additional adult$19/extra person
additional teenager$9/extra person

Cancellation policy: your payment is 100% refundable up to 3 days prior to the tour.

Best Day in Lisbon Tour includes: tour guide, public transportation for all (metro, bus etc.).
Best Day in Lisbon Tour does not include: food and museum entrances if any, private all-day car if you request it, gratuity for guide (optional).

Other information

Best Day in Lisbon Tour includes: tour guide, public transportation for all (metro, bus etc.).
Best Day in Lisbon Tour does not include: food and museum entrances if any, private all-day car if you request it, gratuity for guide (optional).