Work for Discover Walks Prague

Discover Walks Prague offers exciting, rewarding jobs, with good compensation and flexible schedules, where you meet new people and share their special emotions as they discover Prague, and prove your qualities as a group leader.

As a personal service company, we know customer satisfaction depends on employee satisfaction, and we devote a lot of energy and attention to our staff.

a) Discover Walks City Guides
As City Guides, you will lead Walks in small groups around the city, in English. We look for native local who are active “users” of the city, who like nothing more than to tell a good story, and who enjoy revealing the city to others and entertaining a small group. Your spoken English must be fluent.

As a Discover Walks Prague City Guide, you will need to enjoy engaging with new people and working hard to make each Walk you lead a special experience for each guest on your Walk. To become a Prague city-guide, applicants must go through a training period which includes mentoring time with a current City Guide. You will also need to pass Discover Walks’ written and oral exams.

With our flexible schedules, City Guides can be full-time and part-time positions – you will work with “auto-entrepreneur” status, fully compatible for students, teachers, public employee, private sector employee etc.

Before you apply to become a Discover Walks City-Guide, we recommend you join one of our Walks to make sure this is a job you will enjoy (entertaining people all day is hard work, and if you do not truly enjoy it, you will not be successful with our company.)

To apply or inquire, write to:

b) Field Managers
Field Manager is a sales and hospitality position assigned to a particular Walk. Field Managers welcome guests, attract new guests, and coordinate Discover Walks Prague City Guides in the field.

We look for outgoing personalities who will enjoy inviting guests to our Walks and sending new groups under way. You must be dependable and well-organized, you must have a convincing personality and an eye for detail, and your spoken English must be solid.

To apply or inquire, write to: