Alexis City Guide

alexis paris city guide

Alexis is a born and bred Parisian who lives at the foot of Montmartre, the beautiful hill were the impressionists once lived.

An accomplished linguist, Alexis studied Nordic languages at the Sorbonne university. He then became a full time tour guide to reconcile his passion for talking endlessly about Paris with his need to constantly uncover new hidden secrets the City of lights has to offer.

During his tours, if you ask him where to find the latest techno event or the best falafel in Paris, you won’t regret it!

When he is neither working nor dancing in the capital’s hottest clubs, you can find Alexis in the gardens of the Swedish Institute enjoying a coffee and a cinnamon bun.

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astrid city guide paris

“Astrid is a true “Parisienne” ! She was raised in the 15th arrondissement a neighborhood at the foot of the Eiffel tower. (When she was a kid, she liked to think that the Eiffel Tower was dedicated to her, knowing the shape looks like a big “A”…). After finishing her scholarship at the Bilingual School of Paris, she finally managed to move in a much more central neighborhood : So-Pi (meaning South Pigalle… ) a new trendy area where you can discover many restaurants and cocktail bars with free-gluten food and organic wine !!
For a long time she actually didn’t like Paris because as a tomboy, she thought it was too pretty and not wild enough. But then she became passionate about Art History that she studied at the Sorbonne, and she realized at what point she was lucky to come from a city with so many museums and historical monuments ! Now, her goal in life is to pass on her love of culture and arts in Paris, either by guiding or by filming ! “


guide Colin

Colin loves to travel, but every time he comes back to Paris, he feels even deeper how much he loves his city. He’s fond of Literature, which he has studied in the famous Sorbonne, and therefore sees Paris through the eyes of all the famous writers who lived here. For that reason, the Notre-Dame and Latin Quarter tours are his favorite: he will always be happy to tell stories and make Quasimodo or Cyrano de Bergerac come to life again.
He has acted on stage since his childhood and can be all the characters of a story at a time; he also knows a lot of French poetry by heart and will be happy to recite some to those who want to listen to the musicality of his mother tongue.


David city guide in Madrid

It is said that “the World is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page”. David wants to read the whole book, and that´s why he travels as much as he can.
His passions are History and Madrid, the city where he was born. He loves showing the capital of Spain because you can breath history everywhere. David will explain to you not only beautiful monuments, but also the everyday life in Madrid.
However, the Spanish culture is not only history. Gastronomy is an art for us, so what about a tapas tour downtown?

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teo city guide barcelona

When Teo’s grandfather was a child he ran form Barcelona to Venezuela fleeing the Spanish Civil War, Teo was born in Caracas and as soon as Franco died her family ran back to Catalunya, so she grew up in a Catalan atmosphere. After living several years in Barcelona she left to Caracas to study architecture at the UCV and later Management and Design in Parson New York, finally decided to come back home, to Barcelona, and study fashion to which she devoted herself for several years working in Barcelona, Italy and Japan. As she always loved to listen to stories and history, she discovered that telling them is even more fun so she started a research about culture, fashion, architecture, etc…And she became a story teller for children at school and adults on tours.



Eva is originally from Slovakia, well actually she was still born in former Czechoslovakia. She moved to Prague 8 years ago and totally fell in love with the city. So she decided to stay. She actually has her diploma in chemistry, but visiting different places, looking at architecture swiped her off the feet and she found out that her real passion is being a guide, introducing Prague to other people. She has been a licensed guide for 3 years now and still can´t get enough.

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Born and raised in the very center of Barcelona, Susana studies near the Palau Reial and resides next to Gaudí’s Park Guell. She’s currently completing her Masters studies in Criminology — not only with an interest on her city’s society, but also an insight on the interesting personalities behind famous Catalan figures and artists!
From the Roman city to the Catalan modernism, talking about architecture is one of her passions — with the other being is cuisine! Indeed, she regards Spain as a referent in terms of food and gastronomy, so she’s the go-to expert for any information on Tapas, Spanish seafood, and any other typical dish you may want.


Fahim lisbon city guide

Fahim always had an admiration for cities, no wonder he’s in the urban planning field. That’s why sometimes he might look like a crazy person just observing everything with admiration when roaming around cities.
He’s got a background from three continents! That’s why he loves travelling as he looks at the world as one big country, and Lisbon as home sweet home.
Get to know the funny secrets of how this city of sunshine and water life is what it is today… and please, interrupt him. Sometimes he talks a lot!

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RAIMUNDO lisbon city guide

Raimundo is a 25 year old graduate student of philosophy. Being raised in a town close to Lisbon, Raimundo always believed Lisbon was the place to be, moving to this great city when he was 18. For two non-consecutive years he lived in Paris and, while there, it was clear that only Lisbon could make him happy. He came back, settled in this great city, and everyday he still falls in love for it.
Raimundo loves meeting new people and getting to know their histories. Each tour is for him an adventure! Nothing makes him happier than sharing the love for this city, showing people why Lisbon conquered his heart.
He loves literature and music. Join him, and discover the secret melodies of Lisbon.

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salome paris city guide

Born and raised Parisian (a real and proud left banker !), Salomé is all about culture, food, and sarcastic French humor. You want enjoy a real Parisian experience, out of the beaten path ? Well, Salomé is passionate about her city’s secret spots.
A fine meal for less than 10 euros ? A hidden concert venue in an abandoned factory ? The one-million view over the city ? Ask her, and she will know !

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Aja prague city guide

Aja is an always smiling optimist obsessed with travelling, good food, theatre, films and anything new. She has also worked at several different places around Europe such as Italy, Poland or Germany. However, the more she travels the more she falls in love with Prague. Her favourite spot in Prague is Letna park (the view!!!). So pack your suitcase, come to Prague and let Aja show you around. Be careful: do it only if you are not afraid of falling head over feet in love (not with Aja of course, with Prague!!! 😉

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Marketa prague city guide

If you ever wondered what tiny dark jazz clubs of Prague to go to, Marketa will recommend you the best. The reason of it is that apart from showing you around the Old Town and Prague Castle, you can count playing he saxophone among her hobbies.

Besides that as a student of psychology she loves meeting new people, especially in an international environment, since she lived in London for a year. However she gladly came back to Prague where she was born and now she is excited to show you all its beauties!

Or something like that, you can adjust it if you want 🙂 I am sending you a picture of me, too.

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greg london city guide

Gregory wanted to be a professional footballer, he soon realised, not everyone thought he was as good as his mum did, this led to him finding a new career path, luckily for you guys he became a tour guide.

He started his career over 13 years ago and has created a variety of fascinating tours around London, including: Graffiti and Street Art, Rock n Roll, Community and Food based Tours.

Graffiti and Street Art is a major part of Gregory’s life and through it he gets to travel and be part of Graffiti/Street Art events world wide. Gregory is often approached by International television stations to be filmed doing tours promoting his city.

His favourite part of London is his home, Brixton.

What he likes most about London are the people

His favourite Londoner was his Great Great Great Grandad who was a hero of the Sidney Street Siege and mates with Winston Churchill.

Doing a tour with him you will certainly find it exciting and passionate and probably end up wanting to be a tour guide in London as you will have fallen in love with this city.


enrique madrid city guide

Meet Enrique, a passionate lover of his wonderful city, Madrid, a very open minded and easy going person who since early age took interest on the art and history of his country and his “beloved” Madrid.

With a degree in art history and a PhD in Spanish 19th century art and history he will definitely make your time in the capital of Spain unforgettable.

Madrid, an unknown”child”, a city of peasants who give shape to this lovely city, a city which with Enrique’s guidance is not going to let you down!


andré lisbon city guide

Born and raised in Lisbon, André loves to get lost inside his own city. André is a singer and loves to be inspired by the little secrets of Lisbon as well as the amazing sightseeing to the Tagus River.
A bit shy but very communicative, André loves to get to know new people and feels very proud to share his thoughts on the city. André loves to travel but doesn’t like to do the typical tourist plan when visiting a new place. André loves to get lost in other cities and feel like a local. That’s also what you can expect from his tour.

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carolina lisbon city guide

Carolina is passionate about travelling and reading. She loves showing you the city and answering all the questions you can come up with.
“Thank you for a most enjoyable tour. Carolina’s enthusiasm and knowledge was most impressive, che was able to answer all the many questions about the history of Lisbon and Portugal that we threw at her.”
Having visited over 20 countries and lived in the North of India and in London, Carolina still says says Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Biased? Maybe. Come visit and find out for yourself.

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Luis David

luis david barceona guide

It is said that “the World is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page”. Luis-David wants to read the whole book, and that´s why he travels as much as he can.
His passions are History and Madrid, the city where he was born. He loves showing the capital of Spain because you can breath history everywhere. David will explain to you not only beautiful monuments, but also the everyday life in Madrid.
However, the Spanish culture is not only history. Gastronomy is an art for us, so what about a tapas tour downtown? – Join David on Facebook

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margot paris city guide

Margot is a young Parisian delighted by sun lights on Paris’ charming buildings; she loves wandering in the little streets and discover new fancy places – especially nature friendly places.

She is always glad to share them and has tons of food tips to give during the tours!

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Manuel Paris city guide

Born in Paris, yet at home anywhere, Manuel has lived in London and New York, from which he got his trademark jewfro.
His extensive travels (just ask him his stories about his cycling trip from Beijing to Tokyo or the time he had to hitchhike across the Bulgarian border at night) have led him to better understand different cultures and be curious about other people’s ways of life.

Though he loves wandering, he’s always come back to his one true love: the City of Lights. There’s something about these macarons and croissants he just cannot resist…

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adele paris city guide

Walking tour guide Adèle’s ultimate goal in life is Cannes film festival ; ) 
After graduating from a Masters in Management and working in a few companies in Tokyo and New York, she came back to Paris to follow her dreams as an actress. 

She has performed in a few plays and films, so it would not be too surprising if she proudly let you know during the Montmartre tour that she was once in a movie with Nicole Kidman (not in Moulin Rouge though!).

Adèle is passionate about the arts in Paris and she loves passing on her enthusiasm to visitors attending her shows – er, tours!

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auguste paris city guide

When Auguste isn’t thinking too much for his own good, he’s usually writing the next great screenplay. Beyond the walking cliché of the aspiring screenwriter, he is also an environmentalist at heart, a cat-loving vegetarian, an amateur architect and 3D modeler, and a shower singer.
He has his membership card for the official diplomatic archives.
He can go from discussing Henri Bergson’s philosophy to his quest to find the best guacamole in Paris (which he is fairly certain he has found) in a matter of seconds. He’s lived in Minneapolis for three years. It was very cold. 


thibaut Paris city guide

” Pure breed Parisian, Thibaut has learnt the art of persuasion in Paris’ infamous Political Institute. He grew up at Odéon, right next to the Latin Quarter, which has obviously always been his favorite tour.

He his totally crazy about music, especially the electronic scene, and will be delighted to help you to find your way to the finest record shops and the most underground venues of the city !

Feel free to converse with him in spanish as he always enjoy very much showing off about his knowledge of the Mexican savoir-vivre. “

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When you join Eva, ask her about what it was like growing up in a ‘banlieue’ neighbourhood in Paris. Or about the musicals she is so crazy about – she has starred in her university productions of Mamma Mia and Grease.

Eva likes showing off Paris so much that if you’re lucky she may even dance and sing her way through her tours with you.

Saint-Germain-des-prés is the area Eva calls home, and she is especially fond of the Evening River Tour – for its good singing spots, perhaps?

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Quentin Paris city guide

Quentin has never stopped wandering in the streets of Paris. He thus found in walking tours the perfect way to deal with his endless admiration for his birth city.
After having graduated in law and philosophy, he turned to professional illustration, that he practices alongside his work as a tour guide.

He likes about Paris the same things he likes to show in his drawings : back streets, wonky houses and hidden nooks where life in expressed in its most natural and spontaneous way.

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Louise is an expert of French literature and she loves showing Paris as she experiences it in the romantic novels she reads. Like Hemingway, she considers Paris as a “moveable feast”, and she lives and studies in Saint Germain des Près, in ordre to pursue Sartre and Beauvoir’s shadows. But to her opinion, the master in literature is Victor Hugo, and that is the reason why she holds the Notre Dame Cathedral so dear to her.

Louise is found of wandering in Parisian gardens at the end of the day, because it inspires her. Studying history and international law, Louise can speak Italian and can recommand you the best French chocolate confectionner, as she is a real gourmet.

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lucien paris city guide

Lucien holds a Master in History, and is passionnate about spreading his knowledge of the many revolutions that occured in France.
His other passion is sports, especially football : he is a regular at the Parc des Princes football stadium. Among his favorite parts of Paris, the Latin Quarter (of which he is a frequent guide) is where he was born, raised, and hopes to live in again some day.
“ an awesome guide with an impressive amount of facts and stories (…)  I completely enjoyed it & highly recommend him as a guide”.

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If you look over in box #5 at the Garnier Opera House, you might see two eccentric characters there: the phantom of the Opera and… our city guide William.

His two passions are performing arts and French history, and I would bet my ready money William will wind up a theatre stage director sooner than later. After all, he has already been caught rehearsing and dancing in the giant hallways of the Sorbonne.

For now, William delivers very personal, sophisticated walking tours, where he delivers his vast knowledge in his characteristic tongue-in-cheek style.

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Justine is fond of saying that in order to experience a city you need to pay attention not only to the landmarks, but also to the everyday life. That may be an elegant excuse for justifying Justine’s two passions – Paris and food. Crepès, macaroons, cheese. If you run into Justine during your stay, she will probably be eating somewhere, or talking about what she ate or is about to eat.

Being fairly well-travelled (with a preference for Asia and Australia), Justine likes to point to what makes Paris so unique – on her tours you quickly want to move to Paris.

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Of all the members of our team, Virgile has the most powerful voice. If you are running late for his famed tour of Marais, you will likely hear him as far back as the Eiffel Tower.

Now on his tour Virgile will also give you tips for finding your way around when he is not with you. Virgile is an art history buff and a huge fan of photography, always in the know about the latest expos and up and coming artists.

What he likes most about Paris? Architecture and the city’s secret history, both aspects he is always willing to share with his (soon enraptured) visitors.

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Candice is, many people say, the quintessential Parisian. For she has traveled many places, and visited many cities, yet she is convinced the best, most beautiful, most worthy of everyone’s attention, is – Paris of course!

Candice is also very political – should anything surprise you about French politics, if anyone can explain it, it is Candice.

Candice especially enjoys the walking tours of Montmartre and the Right Bank.

In addition to her love for Paris, Candice also enjoys history, cinema and French literature.

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At Discover Walks we keep asking ourselves one and the same question: just how does Olek know this? And that? And this again? It might help that Olek collects master’s degrees – one in comparative law, another in law history, and yet another in bio-chemistry. Oh, did I mention that Olek speaks fluent Polish?

In short, don’t expect Olek to give you a quick, dispassionate introduction about the Opéra, Notre Dame or the Sacré Coeur – he has studied and observed everything Paris-related in depth! (and he is VERY talkative, too).

When he has time, Olek dances the night away (salsa? nooooo! forro, says Olek!) and he eats all the cheese-cake he can find. He shares with Churchill a secret about living well – “Sports. No sports”.

On his walking tours (Montmartre, Notre-Dame) Olek will urge you to explore medieval back alleys, to push open hidden doors and to enter dormant mansions.

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Tour guide Charlotte was actually born in the district of Montmartre – a claim few people can make!

Charlotte’s pet subjects are contemporary art and fashion. She is, in her own words, “very right bank” – you’ll understand what she means the minute you joint her free tour.

Charlotte, who has lived in Sydney in the past, is moving to Milan in a few weeks – tips are welcome.

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Paris is very cosmopolitan, and Lorraine is very, very Parisian in that way – always hanging out with the international crowd. Name what country you come from, the odds are Lorraine has been there.

By contrast, Lorraine lives in the most private, non-touristy part of town… the back alleys of Notre-Dame, right along the river Seine.

“On your every visit to Paris, do not miss the river banks at night” is her heart-felt advice to every visitor.

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Eva Tapiero


Eva Tapiero completed all her law studies in the very heart of Paris at La Sorbonne. She would enjoy the Luxembourg garden and the cafés of the Latin Quarter every day.

She is a real traveller (she lived in London, Bologna and Jerusalem) and loves going away only to come back to Paris.

Eva’s passions are literature, theatre and people from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to ask her where to go to catch a play, an opera or a ballet.

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Before she started leading free walking tours Maris was a publisher in Saint-Germain. Naturally she has now also become… a Paris guidebook author! Her latest publication is About Paris in Summer (in French – learn French quickly!).

When she is not sitting at a café in the Latin Quarter, or looking at the spire of Notre-Dame from her window (some people are luckier than others!), Marie can be seen walking around Paris – or leading a walking tour, Montmartre – from Moulin rouge to Sacré coeur in particular.

Beware, Marie “will have you wanting to live in Paris within 15 minutes.” If you join one of her tours, she will welcome you as friends and make you feel at home, but at the end of the day she will put a curse on you: “You’ll fall deeply in love with the city”.

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Walking tour guide Anissa will not admit to it easily, but she is a bit of a fashion victim – thus her passion for the Marais tour.

She is also an all-round Paris aficionado – she likes just about every neighborhood of Paris.

Anissa is also (she will hate me for telling you! ) a passionate salsa dancer. Her tours feel like dance parties, beware.

Next year Anissa is off to Asia. And she is studying Chinese at the moment…

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On her walking tours  likely to treat you to some singing – she is our expert-in-residence in French chanson – and a stage performer in her own right. She is also a bottom-less source about Edith Piaf, Aznavour and Joséphine Baker.

Marion was actually born on the French riviera – but soon realized that as a performing artist she would fare better in Paris.

In the city of light she seems to have a flair for the districts with soul – she has lived in Montmartre and near jardin des plantes. Our Montmartre Walking Tour and Landmarks Walking Tour are her specialties.

As a guide she is especially well-versed in the artistic and cultural Paris. And always keen on sharing jokes.

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Walking tour guide Thomas is Discover Walks’ in-house city planner. After initial training in a school located up against the Flea Market (Thomas leads our Flea Market Tour of course), he transferred to Sorbonne-Paris IV University.

When you meet with this Paris guide, make sure to congratulate him for he has finally subscribed to Paris’ city-run bike rental program, Vélib. Among Paris’ masterpieces, his favorites are the bridges of Paris – at night in particular.

One of our prized guides, Thomas often leads our Paris In A Day tours.

So much passion about his city and country,” and a “typical Parisian, really really lovely, perfect accent, great sense of humor, a complete natural. I practically fell in love with him.

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Alexandre was among the first Parisians to subscribe to Paris’ city-run bike rental program Vélib – his member ID is 118. He first rode a bike on the pavements of Paris when he was 6.

Alexandre grew up on the island, right alongside Notre Dame, and naturally among his favorite walking tours are the Notre-Dame/heart of the city tour and Jewish Paris.

“I can’t recommend (him) enough. It really felt like a personal tour with a friend. His enthusiasm, humour and vast knowledge are truly inspiring.”

Alexandre is a founder of Discover Walks.

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This emissary of the right bank – whose French accent tastes like croissant or crême brûlée – knows the secret places for unconventional explorations, and enjoys more than anything the view from Paris rooftops.

By trade Audrey is an art dealer in contemporary art – she can make you fall in love with any abstract Picasso painting, or even with the infamous (to most Parisians) Buren’s columns at Palais Royal. Audrey regularly guides our Montmartre Impressionist Art Tour.

One word to conclude: any of her tours can ‘accidentally’ run into a Pierre Hermé store. Hermé’s macaroons are the surest way to ingratiate yourself with Audrey any day.

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Kevi thought he would work in Public Health management. Right before taking up his first job in a nursing home, however, he had a sudden change of heart. “Let there be fun! Let there be sun! My calling is tourism.” This must have been the right decision for this now full-time Paris guide.

Guests describe Kevi’s walking tours as :

“Something between touristic information and stand-up comedy, with vivid stories told in an infectious way with a LOT of great humour.”

The Notre Dame tour is his forte – “how to become a 13th century peasant”.

Kevi is also the creator of Black Paris Walking tours.

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Victor was born and raised in the Marais – where he knows not just every nook and cranny, but most families as well. Test him out.

Victor has a special passion for Benjamin Franklin – the scientist turned statesman, the man who won the French over to the American revolution and the only man to put his name to the bottom of the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the peace treaty with England.

Finally, Victor is an accomplished guitar player – if you want to hear French blues, ask him about the spots and the events in town.

Victor’s current dream? To find Franklin’s auto-biography – not available anywhere in print! or… to teach at U-Penn, the school founded by… Benjamin Franklin. Meanwhile, you are likely to find Victor on our Marais tour of course.

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Mathilde leads walking tours to talk about her not-so-secret passion – cinema. She is our cinema buff – “Midnight in Paris”, “Ratatouille”, and Nouvelle vague cinema? You name it, she’s seen it.

Paris is a highly cinematographic city, and on most of Mathilde’s tours you will end up discuss cinema one way or another. Mathilde can show you not just where movies were shot, but why they were shot here or there, and how the director operated. She (of course) has a soft spot for our Paris-by-Night Tour.

Besides English (and French of course), Mathilde can speak Spanish, and is also learning Portuguese.

Mathilde is off to London next year – and so she welcomes receiving the same sort of insider’s advice that she bestows on her tour guests!

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