Things to do in Paris in September 2015

August 28th, 2015
Article written by Clémence, City Guide at Discover Walks Paris

Things to do in Paris in september

Paris in September means: « C’est la rentrée! » Back to school time in Paris. September is the month marking the return of the Parisians to their city, to prepare for the « rentrée des classes », kids in school and grown ups at work.

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Yet the atmosphere is not grim at all! The summer linger while fall appears, and the weather is just mild. It is the perfect time to visit Paris, with the tourist mobs gone and the genuine Parisian spirit taking over the city. If you won’t to experience it, don’t miss those things to do in Paris in September.

things to do in Paris in September

It has always been one of my favorite time in my city, especially for outdoor activities. September is good time to enjoy a cruise on the Seine river, through the summer breeze and the seculiar bridges. Romantic, funny and memorable, discover Paris in a new way.

things to do in Paris in September

A enlightening thing to do in September in Paris, and that Parisians love, is the European Heritage Days (Journées du Patrimoine). Monuments, government’s buildings, city halls and others, open their doors to every one, for a unique discovery of the ordinary private fascinating places. Don’t miss the home of the president (Palais de l’Elysée), the House of Parliament (Assemblée Nationale) and of course the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville). And everything is free! On top of that, exhibits, concerts, performances and other festive happenings usually accompany the visits. Save the dates: September 20th-21th 2014, and learn more at:

things to do in Paris in September

In a more festive note, a crazy thing to do in Paris in September is of course the Techno Parade ! Bet you’ve never heard of it ? This outdoor festival is the biggest gathering of techno fans in Europe. In an electric atmosphere, Djs and performers from all over France and Europe, dance and sing along the streets, in the company of 20 floats, 150 musicians and dancers. Join all the youth and party-harders of Paris in the 13th of September! The parade will start at Denfert-Rochereau, line 4.

things to do in Paris in September

However, if you are more interested in today’s art, you will be fulfilled between the 6 of September 2014 and the 13th, during Paris design week. The entire city becomes a meeting point for designers, architects, artists and design enthusiasts from all over the world. The event was imagined as an itinerary through the city: each day, the celebration moves from one design district to another, allowing the participants to discover over 150 venues that open their doors on this special occasion. This week is the best way to understand the art market and culture in Paris! A must for art enthusiasts.

things to do in Paris in September

Finally, the weather is usually superb and you don’t want miss the splendor of the Gardens of Versailles or the last blooming roses of Monet’s gardens at Giverny. And as the city of Paris has a great sense of timing, as it organizes the Festival of Gardens in September 26-27 ! La Fête des Jardins offers workshops, tours and free outdoor concerts in some of the city’s most flowery spaces. Don’t forget to pass by the Garden of the Luxembourg, les jardins des Tuileries and the parc Floral in the 12th arrondissement, to listen to jazz manouche.

things to do in Paris in September

ClemenceArticle written by Clémence, City Guide at Discover Walks Paris

Clémence is eighteen and grew up in the south of Paris. She studies politics and history at Sciences Po, in Saint-Germain. From the long visits at the Louvre to the carefree afternoons on the banks, she has childhood memories in every corner of Paris. Theater, cinema and photography, macarons, cheese and wine, exhibits, museums and parties, Paris is everything to her!

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